Creating Your Own Original Mech

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User Info: shadowmaksim

4 years ago#1
As the title implies, if you could create your own original mech, what would it be like? I've had a design floating around in my mind for a while and would like to share. Along with seeing other interesting ideas that others can come up with.

As for me, I think it would be something similar to a cross between Soulgain and the Alteisen. It would be slightly bigger than the Alteisen but less bulky. The overall structure would be more like Soulgain's but with Alteisen's features. It'd have a horn, but it wouldn't be a weapon like the Heat Horn. It'd be there just to look cool. The main color scheme would be primarily black with secondary outlines of red and, to a lesser degree, white.

As for weapons, I've always wanted twin Revolver Stakes. One on each arm. The problem here is that, besides martial arts, those would be pretty much it's only actual weapons. As stated before, the horn is there just for the looks. No energy attacks like what the Soulgain has.

Stat-wise, it would be a real type glass-cannon. I imagine that the damage output shouldn't be a problem but it wouldn't last too well in drawn-out fights. The fact that it literally has to get in the enemie's face to do anything is a major disadvantage. Coupled with the fact is that it can't take a pounding, it's going to have to be very mobile to last and fast to get to its enemies in range of attacks.

Well, here it is. Has no name and, design-wise, it sucks as its uses are very limited but I've always wanted to see something like this.

User Info: BassGSnewtype

4 years ago#2
Posted this last year, posting it here.

Unit Name: Real Personal Trooper Type Exceed or R-EX for short
Description: So far the picture in my head is a slightly bulkier R-1 with equipped with a large double barreled rifle that resembles one of R-2 Powered's High Zol Launcher and 4 bladed strike shield type units, 1 mounted on each hip, 2 on the rear skirt and 3 more mounted on the left arm to resemble a shield (2 end to end and one parallel to them on the outside) and a flight pack mounted on its back.
Model Number: R-EX
Height: (21 Meters)
Weight: (89 Tons)
Reactor: Tronium Engine
Defensive Measures: TK Field, Shield Defense, Medium EN Regen.
Special Features: a specialized AI to control the Tronium Engine

Specs *Fully upgraded*
HP: 9500
EN: 350
Armor: 2100
Mobility: 220
Weapon Rank: 15
FUB: TK Field effect becomes TK Field S

Weapons:(before you say anything, I usually come up with the attacks first then design the appearance)
Vulcan ~4500~(p) [Range 1~3 Ammo: 15]
A standard head Vulcan attack

Beam Sword ~5000~(p) [Range 1~2 EN: 5]
Standard armament for the R-series, swung overhead then horizontally
(At first this was gonna be a general use ZO sword, but I figured that would be silly)

Strike Swords ~5200 melee-type~ [MAPW: 1~6 range 5~5 diamond AoE ammo: 4]
Launches the Strike Sword units from its hips and arm to attack all units within the targeted area (allies in area unaffected)

Hi Zol Rifle -=Rapid Fire Mode=- ~5400~ [Range 2~7 ALL Ammo: 5]
The R-EX aims and fires a rapid fire blast from the twin barreled rifle

Strike Sword -=Nendou Bakusai Assault=- ~7000~(p) [Range 2~4 EN: 35]
R-EX launches all its Strike Sword units and engages the T-Link system and wraps them in a Nendou Energy, the Strike Swords then stab the enemy repeatedly before all striking all at once causig the target to explode an fall back into place as the smoke clears.
DK: The Strike Swords still strike all at once but this time they deposit the Nendou energy which ignites and causes a massive explosion, the scene switches to R-EX where the Strike Swords replace themselves on the unit as the screen fades to white.

Hi Zol Rifle -=Full Power Mode=- ~8600~ [Range 3~9 ALL EN: 70]
The R-EXs Tronium Engine is boosted to full drive and its T-Link system kicks in and the unit glows green, it then with the enemys in its crosshairs aims and fires a massive yellow energy beam from the High Zol Rifle which mows down everything in its path including the targets, when the energy fades the targets resume their stance.
DK: The blast goes on for a bit longer but when it fades the enemys are glowing red from the heat of the beam and promptly explodes, the scene then switches to the R-EX where it's releasing tons of steam to cool down after all that.
Evil beware, we have waffles.
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User Info: Genow

4 years ago#3
All I need is my Oshawott Prototype Unit with the Dynamic Hydroshell Shredder

oh you mean actually original ;_;

User Info: kurimawtaktak

4 years ago#4
I want a gigantic Gespenst as big as a Grungust equipped with a Black Hole Gun.
Overcome supremacy with a thunderclap, leap through walls of time, surpass limit and fate, breakthrough future with one chance, and burst with heart in mind.

User Info: Zaigou

4 years ago#5
Unit: Agnus Castus
Model Number: XRT-00 (Experimental Real Trooper)
Appearance: A repainted black and gold GP-02 (for reference: with different armaments. Said armaments include 1 Artemis Ray (located at the forehead), 1 Void Saber (connected directly to the engine), 1 Null-Break Shield (has an internal G-territory for both defense and offense) , 1 V2 Cannon (mounted on the back, where the Atomic Bazooka used to be), 8 Tesla Drive thrusters (2 on each shoulder, 4 in the back), 1 Overheat Coolant system.
Height:20.7 meters.
Weight:91 tons.
Reactor: Experimental Black Hole Engine 2.0.
Soecial Features:A Zero Shift program, which allows it to distort space-time to teleport short distances. In gameplay terms, it means this unit cannot be blocked by enemy units and when engaged, it acts like the Hyper Jammer part except it is activated at 140 morale.

Specs (FUB):
HP: 7000 (8500)
EN: 200 (320)
Mobility: 150 (180)
Armor: 1500 (1900)
Terrain: Sky: A. Ground: S. Water: C. Space: A.
Bonus: Gains Medium EN Regeneration. Zero Shift activation +10%.


Artemis Ray: Ranged (1~6). Ammo: 12. 2400 (3800). Terrain: A/A/D/A Post movement: OK.
A singular, positron-charged blast from the forehead, similar to Garmraid's Bloody Ray.

Void Saber: Melee (1~3). EN: 10. 2600 (4000). Terrain: A/S/C/A. Post movement: OK.
Agnus Castus charges the Void Saber, activates Zero Shift and appears behind the opponent to swipe twice at them. Pierces Barriers

Null-Break Shield: Melee (C) (1~2). EN: 15. 2800 (4200). Terrain: A/S/C/A. Post movement: OK.
Agnus Castus activates the G-territory in similar fashion to the Break Field of the Lion series and rams the target.

V2 (Void Vector) Cannon 7-10: Ranged (ALL.W) (2~7). EN: 40. 3600 (5000). Terrain: A/S/C/S. No post movement use.
Agnus Castus mount the V2 Cannon and charges the Black Hole nuke. Once launched it stops above the target(s) to completely engulf and crush them, before exploding.

V2 Edelweiss: Ranged (1~5). EN: 60. 4000 (5600). Terrain: A/S/C/S. Post movement: OK.
Agnus Castus will overcharge the Black Hole engine, causing the internal alarms to blare and the eyes to shift from green to red. It'll ready the Black Hole nuke once more but instead of launching it, it will use the Zero Shift to close in on the target and fire it off point-blank. The target is then hurled several thousand feet before being engulfed and crushed by the attack, resulting in a massive explosion in the Earth's stratosphere. Agnus Castus looks on triumphantly.
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User Info: geo00

4 years ago#6
Name: DaiGunGar
Appearance: almost a repaint of Dygenguar, though the General Blaster apertures now house the hilts for two Zankantou, with a holster on the left hip for the new weapon. Forearms are slightly bulkier to allow for enhanced boost knuckles, and a small tab exists over the left eye, which can be pulled over the eye to enable precision targeting.
Overall colour scheme is crimson, with onyx trim. Twin thruster assemblies a la Nu Gundam have been added onto the back, for added boost.

Power source: PDD (Pocket Dimensional Drive)
Generator draws energy from a pocket dimension, which is also used to store ammunition for the ranged weapon. has equivalent power reserves as Black Hole Engine.

Role: Primarily for Blitzing main defence lines, has weaker secondary of distant support.

2x Dygenguard type Zankantou
2x Enhanced Boost Knuckle (Not any faster, just redesigned to be able to launch while holding a zankantou each)
1x Aquarius rifle

As Dygenguar, minus the General Blaster, plus the following additions:

Boost Zankantou (rng 1-4, post move capable)
As Dynamic knuckle, but the knuckle wields a Zankantou as it is fired,

Aquarius rifle, mode Mars (rng 4-7)
Fires a wide beam, dealing heavy blunt damage. Heavily affected by armor rating of enemy, useless when TK field is in effect

Aquarius, mode Luna (4-9)
Fires a narrow beam, piercing the target.
Weaker than mode Mars, but unaffected by defence buffs

Hissatsu 1: Aquarius, mode Sol (rng 3-8, req will >140)
Similar to Howling mode X, this is a combination of both mode Mars and Mode Luna, yet somehow stronger than either.

Hissatsu 2: Typhoon Crash (rng 1-2, post move capable, req will >140)
Wielding both Zankantou in buster form, DyGunguar boosts forth with blistering pace, cross slashing the enemy then continuing in a manner similar to tornado blade.

OP as hell, but who cares? xD
PSN: geomcp

User Info: Hikari_Sword

4 years ago#7
Apollo JAM-P
Pilot: Roberto Sprawtus (Super Robot Wars anagram)
OG's version of Basara/Fire Bomber with JAM Project SRW songs!
Now to figure out what each song will do...

Hagane no Messiah - Increased Def
Skill - Increased... Skill
Victory - Increased Acc.
GO - Increased Mov
Meikyu no Prisoner - Increased...?
- Increased Melee
- Increased Ranged Atk
- Increased Atk Range
- Increased Morale
- SP Recover
- HP Recover
- EN Recover? | Brace yourself: |

User Info: hashishtemasu

4 years ago#8
Unit: VFCUX-01 TH(underbird)
Cybuster expy,
Red & White scheme (Age-2 mod, used to be Saviour+0-Raiser but I changed my mind when the Age-2 gunpla came out)
(I'd post my custom gunpla but haven't finished it yet)

Attacks (Humanoid):
Beam Rifle
Twin-headed beam saber combo
Strike shield combo (literally part of the shield, the shield itself flies on its own)
THeta Crasher (Shout-out to Z Gundam and Akashic buster. The unit transforms and generates a barrier, from the POV of the enemy unit, the TH looks like the theta symbol)

Attacks (Flight):
Beam guns
Beam Cannon (similar to Re-GZ)
Strike shield combo (Except the unit also flies around since the shield is part of the nose of the plane)
(message deleted)

User Info: dZehn13

4 years ago#10
Two Real Robot. Small Size (as big as R1)
Each can transform into plane.
Can do Mix combination. When combine will become M size.
One Specialize in Air Combat (Ranged Attack) and the second combination specialize in Ground Combat (Melee Attack).

Unique special abilities: Can 50% avoid enemy attack by De-combining (Open Get) when will 130 and skill higher than the enemy.

Final attack: Will do combining and de-combining attack (like what Forte Gigas do or one of the Getter attack do)
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