Creating Your Own Original Mech

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User Info: BassGSnewtype

5 years ago#11
I figured I'd update my orignal mech some

If i were to create my own personal use unit, I would maybe combine aspects of several of my favorite units, but just to narrow down the list, I guess a fusion of Huckebein/EXbein, Straybird, Flickerei Geist and Astranagant .

Unit Name: Juggernagant
Description: Overall the frame is the same as the EXbein with a bladeless sword hilt on the right arm and a red jewel on the chest, the back unit uses the wing unit of the Straybird which open to its Mode Archaeonyx configuration when used for propulsion or certain attacks, the head is modeled after the Varuch Baal's head with a horn on the forhead. The color scheme would be similar to the Astranagants.
Type: Super
Model Number: ???
Height: 25.6 Meters
Weight: 86.9 Tons
Reactor: Tronium Engine -=Makes more sense without the Zyfied Crystal=- (EN Regen L)
Defensive Measures: Nendou Field S, Machine Cell (HP Regen M)

HP: 9400
EN: 210
Armor: 1700
Mobility: 100
Accuracy: 145

Photon Vulcan +Shooting+ ~2400~ {Range: 1~4 Post} (Ammo: 25)
Turns its head to the enemy and fires several green beams at the target which cause it to explode after hitting it.

Z.O. Sword +Melee+ ~3000~ {Range: 1~3 Post} (EN: 0)
The unit grabs the sword hilt on the right arm and summons a solid energy longsword blade and opens its wings and rockets forward, it then pass the unit and turns around and preforms a backhand slash cleaving it in half as the target explodes.

Sword Slaves +Shooting+ ~2400~ {Range: 2~5 } (Ammo: 15)
Summons 3 slave units that emit beam blades and repeatedly impale the target.

Axion Crasher +Melee+ ~4200~ {Range: 1~2 Post} (EN: 25 120 Will)
The red jewel starts to glow as the unit draws and forms its sword and rockets forward and the wins open, the mech then begins slashing the target repeatedly all the while a purple stream is emitted from the tip of the blade, after slashing afew times the Juggernagant jumps back as the Axion Buster appears on the target which then spins around and encases it in a black sphere, the scene then switches to the Juggernagant jetting at full speed sword at ready and then in an instant slashes the sphere in half where it then explodes and as the smoke clears the target reassumes its battle stance.
DK: The scene switches to a close up of the mechs face as it looks on at the explosion.

Dogma Flasher +Shooting+ ~5800~ {Range: 2~8 ALL} (EN: 45 130 Will)
The unit holds its hands at an angle at its sides and the wings open as each hand begins charging energy, the unit then brings its arms together infront of it and generates a large sphere of energy that is then fired at its targets and engulfs them, the red jewel then starts to glow as the Axion Buster circle appears and a large amount of raw black energy begins to gather in the center, after charging for a few seconds the scene switches to the units face where the eyes flash and the energy is released as a beam into energy sphere, where it then turns pitch black, inside the sphere we're show the targets being torn to shreds by the typhoon of energies, until the scene switches to outside the sphere as cracks form on the surface and the sphere explodes and the targets fall back into place.
DK: As the explosion occurs the scene pans out to Juggernagant as it turns around and it's eyes flash before the explosion grows more violent.
Evil beware, we have waffles.
The Official Granveil pilot of the SRW OG 2nd Board

User Info: BassGSnewtype

4 years ago#12
Evil beware, we have waffles.
The Official Granveil pilot of the SRW OG 2nd Board

User Info: Nidtendofreak

4 years ago#13
*is a lurker*

Name: Sonnenstrum (German for "Solar Storm")

Background: Prototype designed by a group working on a mech that could be used in space and the colonies without needing to stop for refueling, and rarely ever need to stop and rearm by using the sun's power to energize itself. In game plot would revolve around it being stolen by bad guys, yadda yadda you know the drill, original owners get it back and decide to help out the heroes with it.

Description: A very bulky, blocky looking Super. Uses a Grungust Type-2 frame, primarily yellow and orange in colour. The ends of its feet and fingers are red, and the very center of its torso around the beam cannon area starts off white and briefly scales into blue before scaling into orange and yellow like the rest of the body. Only really has spikes around its head, all facing back like hair gelled back. Tips of those spikes are also red. Eyes are a bright blue.

Type: Super
Height: 30.2 Meters
Weight: 105.7 Tons
Power Sources: Experimental Solar Engine, Type-2's standard engine as a backup.
Built in Parts: Energy Regen (L) (only when outdoors, S indoors), E-Shield

Theme: Think but a bit more Super Robot style. Something very close to this, just a bit less obvious of a remix and more unique.

HP: 8400 (10250)
EN: 260 (380)
Armour: 1900 (2250)
Mobility: 65 (90)
Accuracy: 120 (150)

Terrain: Sky: A Ground: A Water: C Space: S


Shoulder Missiles (Shooting/2250/2-6/AABA/20 Ammo): A missile fires out from a small slot in each of Sonnenstrum's shoulders.

Solar Beam (Shooting/2500/2-4 Range/Post/Energy Attack/AACS/5 EN): Sonnenstrum crouches, points both palms forwards, then fires two small yellow beams through an enemy.

Storm Saber (Melee/2800/1 Range/Post/Energy Attack/BSDS/5 EN): Flipping his left hand over so its palm is facing upwards, Sonnenstrum causes a fiery sword made of solar energy to rise up out of its hand. Grabbing the handle with its right hand, Sonnenstrum then leaps at the enemy and brings the blade down. Jumps back, small explosions occurs on the target.

Storm Drill (Melee/3000/3-4 Range/Energy Attack/AACS/15 EN): Sonnenstrum bashes both of its fists together before pulling both of his hands back to a little behind its back, as if it was about to make a giant clapping motion, fingers now spread out. Solar energy flows out of the palms and covers the back of both hands with half of a fiery drill. Sonnenstrum then flings both hands forwards. They rocket towards the enemy, rotating and moving closer and closer to each other. By the time they hit the enemy, the two hands have formed into a single drill and burn/burrow through the enemy, causing an explosion as they exit.

Solar Ray (Shooting/3500/3-5 Range/Energy Attack/AADS/25 EN/120 Will): The raised up, Type-2 like quasy-spike like cannon on Sonnenstrum's chest begins to glow a bright white. Sonnenstrum jumps back, shooting solar energy from its palms into the growing glow. The glow covers most of Sonnenstrum's torso before being fired out in a beam of white fire. The beam throws the enemy back, setting them ablaze before an explosion as the beam dies out.

Solar Storm Inferno (Melee/6200/1-4 Range/AABS/50 EN/140 Will): Rushing the enemy Sonnenstrum punches them with a flying uppercut out into space/further into space. View cuts to a head on view of Sonnenstrum standing in front of the Sun after enemy bounces, barely visible as it raises its hands above its head. View rotates back to side view with a blindingly bright ball of every growing energy in its hands, flowing there from the Sun, eyes shining bright.. Screen shakes as Sonnenstrum flies up higher, then slam dunks the ball onto the enemy's head. Massive explosion occurs with Sonnenstrum watching
And so begins a tale of vengeance and betrayal. Destiny by sinner sought. Tragedy by power wrought. Valkyrie Profile: Covenant of the Plume.

User Info: Nidtendofreak

4 years ago#14
Continued from above: Vehicle would not be locked, usable by anyone. The canon pilot's skill list would be (Strike/Guard/Gain/Valor/Fury/Alert). Built in abilities would just be Will+ (Hit) and Genius. His terrain would be A/A/D/S. In story reason for the D in water is due to nearly drowning as a child, he has always been petrified of water ever since. Maybe even have it so you can't upgrade his Water terrain level?

I intentionally gave Sonnenstrum a glaring weakness in terms of water, felt it was fitting with what its primary power source is and the canon pilot. Its something you could work around, but you would hate it during a handful of levels.
And so begins a tale of vengeance and betrayal. Destiny by sinner sought. Tragedy by power wrought. Valkyrie Profile: Covenant of the Plume.

User Info: BassGSnewtype

4 years ago#15
One of 3 boss units I came up with based on the 3 strongest dragons of the Breath of Fire series, Tyrant, Kaiser and Infini.

Observer Unit~ Divine Moon Dragon, Diana

History: One of 3 "Keeper of Balance" created eons before recorded history, which consist of the Observer, Diana which watches, Apollo who Corrects and Infinis who Erases, when balance is disturbed the 3 will choose suitable "Cores" (Members of the Ancestor race with strong Mystical connections or Psychic powers) to use as vessels, sitting within the "Core Units" (Smaller humanoid versions of themselves).
If the source of the imbalance grow too strong the Observer will move too stamp it out, if the Observer is defeated, the Corrector will attempt to correct the Imbalance and if that fails the Eraser will destroy the current universe and start it anew.
So far the third event has yet to happen.

Description: A massive unit resembling the body of the Breath of Fire 4 Tyrant Dragon with 6 Fallen Angel wings in place of its arms, a red jewel in the middle of its chest and a blood red eye in the middle of the other 2 and a red crystal horn on its nose.

Type: Super
Height: 250 Meters
Weight: 1452.5 Tonnes
Power Sources: Dragon Stone Eternal Engine
Built in Parts: Full Block, Moon Dragon Barrier (Negates Damage below 1800, 15 EN cost), Large EN Regen, Small HP Regen.
Theme: TRINITY IDOL, Hagane no Resistance

HP: 400000
EN: 350
Armour: 1800
Mobility: 95
Accuracy: 145

Terrain: Sky: S Ground: S Water: S Space: S


Cleansing Light of the Moon Dragon (Shooting/3400/Cyflash Range MAPW/SSSS/6 Ammo/125 WIll):
Red light shines from Diana's body damaging all around it.

Piercing Dagger of the Moon Dragon (Shooting/3600/2~6 Range/SSSS/99 Ammo):
Diana flaps its huge wings and sends a volley of feathers that impale the target and cause it to explode

Rampage of the Moon Dragon (Melee/4000/1~3 Range/Post/SSSS/5 EN):
Diana lowers its head and starts flying forward picking up speed as it flies and runs the enemy through with its horn, Diana then pours a massive energy as it lets out a load roar and causes the target to explode and then flicks its head to fling the targets remains off its horn.

Judgement of the Divine Moon Dragon(Shooting/5000/3-11 Range ALLW/SSSS/25 EN):
The Diana flies up and a several disgaea 4 level 1 magic circles appear and flutter around Diana before they merge into one large Tera level magic circle, the Diana begins charging up dark energy in its mouth rearing back its head as it does, it then whips its head forward and unleashes the energy into the circle which is then amplified and fired at the targets, the energy slams into them and forms into a massive sphere and begins getting smaller crushing the targets as it does, the scene then cuts to a full cutin of the dragons face as all 3 of its eyes flash and the sphere then turns into a torrent of energy that rends the targets until they erupt in a massive explosion, the scene then pans out to show Diana looking on, face shaded with only its 3 glowing eyes shown.
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User Info: Montegoraon

4 years ago#16
I once dreamed up an SRW fanfic where the OG enemies were a race of technopaths. They would have been characters based mostly on western fiction, so that in the final battle it would have been one team of utter badasses against another. And since I think one of the failings of the SRW series is an over-reliance on big numbers to create difficulty, I loaded these guys down with all of the most obscene, unsporting abilities I could think of, to create tactical puzzles that one would have to really think about to determine how best to tackle them.

For example, one subgroup was based on the team from Captain Planet. Each has one ability active over 100 will, and a second that activates at 130 will.

Earth: (Defensive tank)
Earth Wall (barrier, blocks 1200+600 for each 10 will over 100, 5400 at 170 will, cost 5 en)
Tectonic Shield (negates map attacks, range 1+1 for each 10 will over 130, activates at 130 will)

Fire: (Infighter/mass destruction)
Fire Barrier (damages enemy who uses melee attacks on this unit, regardless of hit or miss, 1000+500 per 10 will over 100)
Fire Power (unlocks map version of all attacks, restores all energy each turn, activates at 130 will)

Wind: (Sniper/defensive support/force enemy to come in range of heavy hitters)
Stagnant Air (Any enemy attempting battle with this unit, including indirectly via support attack and defense on both sides, will have its attack range reduced by half)
Jet Ride (bonus to evasion based on strength of enemy's attack, activates at 130 will)

Water: (Ranged sweeper)
Ocean Maker (When this unit attacks or is attacked, battle is conducted as if both units were under water)
Under Current (double image type ability, 50% change + skill difference, disables enemy's defensive abilities even if it isn't triggered, activates at 130 will)

Heart: (Heart is the most awesome power)
Heart Link (Gains all spirit commands cast on any units entering battle with this one, including support attack and defense)
Messianism (Immediately passes all spirit commands on this unit to all allies within a range of 1, activates at 130 will)

Yeah, tell me that last one doesn't make you cringe just thinking about it.

User Info: BassGSnewtype

4 years ago#17
CAPTAIN PLANET!!! *Jumps out a window laughing insanely*
Evil beware, we have waffles.
The Official Granveil pilot of the SRW OG 2nd Board

User Info: BassGSnewtype

4 years ago#18
Something I came up with at work.

Unit Name: Gosple (Misspelling of Gospel, the japanese name of Bass's partner robot Treble.)
Description: A unit designed with the main body of Galguard and arms and wings of Varuch Baal, the legs of Ageid only slightly thicker and a Raftclans styled head, its overall color scheme is black and yellow
Carries a Shishioh Blade styled Katana with a red blade that's kept in a sheath on the right hip.
Type: Super
Model Number: BCU (BassGS Custom Unit)-06
Height: 32.6 Meters
Weight: 51.6 Tons
Reactor: D-Extractor, Artificial Prana Converter.
Defensive measures: D-Field (Negates damage below 1500)
DE Beam Shooter (Shooting/2400/2-4 Range /AADA/5 EN):
Pulls out a beam rifle designed like Valhawks and flies around the target at high speed shooting the target at all angles.

Ray Edge (Melee/2600/1-3 Range Post /AAAA/10 EN):
Draws the Katana and slices the target in half with one clean slice, the Gosple the resheaths its sword as the target explodes.

Earth Breaker (Range/3000/3~6 Range ALL/AABA/20 EN/115 Morale):
Gosple gathers Dimensional Energy into its right hand, the scene then cuts to the mechs face as its left eye flashes as the scene pans out to show massive amounts of D Energy pulsing on Gosple's right hand, it then rears back its hand then thrusts it forward unleashing the energy as a large beam that engulfs the targets.

Chaos Ripper (Melee/3600/1 Range Post /AAAA/10 EN):
Gosple draws its Katana and out infront in a Kendo stance as Prana and Dimensional Energy converge into the blade which then begins to glow bright red , the Gosple then takes off with the blade trailing red energy behind it.
The target is slashed from all sides with only ribbons of red energy being shown until the target explodes.
DK: The Gosple is shown flying forward at full speed as it impales its blade into the target which then glows red and causes the target to explode in a massive fireball as the scene pans out to show Gosple with its back turned to the explosion, the explosion grows and the sword is thrust into the ground next to Gosple.
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User Info: BassGSnewtype

4 years ago#19
Core Unit~Diana

History: The Core unit that was jettisoned after the destruction of the Observer~ Moon Dragon Diana at the hands of the Red Wing Mercenaries. The unit was found by the remnants of the Order of Eternal Night and modified it with spare parts from Lubicent. The unit itself is merely the an escape pod in the event the Master Unit is destroyed , with the cockpit consisting of a throne like seat with the vessel sitting in a sleep like trance like state.

The units main body and resemble its main unit, the legs are more humanoid with 3 toes, the arms are also humanoid with 5 fingered hands with 3 claws on the back of them.
The unit also has a tail like cable that's used to connect with the master unit.

Type: Super
Height: 25 Meters
Weight: 145.2 Tonnes
Power Sources: Dragon Stone Engine (very low power output compared to current sources of power)
Built in Parts: None

HP: 4000
EN: 150
Armour: 1100
Mobility: 95
Accuracy: 145

Dragon Claws ~1500~(p) [Range 1~4 EN: 5]
CU~Diana slashes the target with its claws.
Evil beware, we have waffles.
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User Info: BassGSnewtype

4 years ago#20
Night Dragon Unit~Tyrant

History: The repaired and modified CU~Diana, overhauled and enhanced by the Order of the Night with technology used to create the Lubicant minus the Ebony Stone system, enhancements include refined Orihalcon used for the armor and claws, a Prana Converter to supplement the Dragon Stone Engine which allowed the machine to unleash powers it could only use when docked with the Master Unit such as the Dragons Breath (In this case it's fired from the gem on its chest.) putting it in a higher class then Lubicent. It's tail was kept so as the machine could still connect with Moon Dragon Diana in the event the Master Unit was still active, it's first used by the Order to try to take back Lubicent, later former Order member now Red Wing Mercenary Pilot, Angelica Bernhard pilots the unit after Lubicent is destroyed.

The same as Core Unit~Diana, however the upper body had been modified with additional armor resembling Jaohm's chest with a red gem in the center as well as additional armor added to the hips and lower legs as well as the shoulders and lower arms, the claws on the hands lengthened, on top of the enhanced armor it now is equipped with a sword that's based off of Excalibur Morgan (Saber Alter's sword) called Mormegil. It also has wings based off of No C39 Hope Ray V.

Type: Super
Height: 26 Meters
Weight: 147.2 Tonnes
Power Sources: Dragon Stone Engine, Prana Converter.
Built in Parts: Night Dragon Barrier (Negates Damage below 1500, 10 EN cost)

HP: 7400 (25000 as a boss)
EN: 250
Armour: 1800
Mobility: 130
Accuracy: 135

weapons in the next post.
Evil beware, we have waffles.
The Official Granveil pilot of the SRW OG 2nd Board
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