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User Info: SteveO 528

SteveO 528
4 years ago#11
You need to load your clear data.
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User Info: Wu_Hu

4 years ago#12
SteveO 528 posted...
You need to load your clear data.

he needs to save the clear data first

User Info: Kraker2k

4 years ago#13
When you beat the game, the game offers you a chance to save the game one last time(this is your clear save data), you have to make that save in order for you to carry on money/PP/kills over to a new game+. Once you get back to the main menu, load that save you just made and the game will offer you the choice of a normal game, an EX-Hard game or if you have beaten the game twice (both times using the clear save data) then you will be able to chose special mode.
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