Mechs that you hope get an animation overhaul in OG 3rd?

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User Info: Shale0

4 years ago#11
110 degrees and fire, check!
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User Info: Azure_lKite

4 years ago#12
Shale0 posted...
Pachinkokaiser. Copy-pasted animations from OGG and no DKs. Boooooo.

Also, if we are going to get the ART-series, ART-1 will probably get an overhaul to fit in, although it certainly doesn't look bad as is.

Pachinko has a DK on Kaiser Tornado. The one who doesn't is G Compatible... Though really, if they wanted they could've just make the enemy die at the end of the animation and call the scene a DK.

I agree with Soulgain and Granzon.
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User Info: SazukeEX

4 years ago#13
Every last one of them.
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User Info: KirbyPK

4 years ago#14
Excellence Rescue needs new attacks!
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User Info: Alblooshy

4 years ago#15
Soulgain and Granzon they left out pretty much and I like both of them very much.

User Info: blade_knight_v2

4 years ago#16
I understand Soulgain and Granzon but there are plenty of others like Wildwurger and Wildfalken. They need an overhaul desperately. Even though the new TBS is nice, their regular movesets are pretty generic and find myself benching them most of the time now unless I’m forced to use them. I would say the ART-1 but I’m sure the ART-1 is going to be upgraded into the Altered-1 and have a new move set along with the Altered-2 and 3. The Cerberus Ignite-G needs to actually USE it's terminus cannon in the next game, it's like they ran out of time to finish the final attack on that thing.
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User Info: blazerMFT

4 years ago#17
I find Koryuoh's final attack (ending with a punch) a bit lacking compared to OG's version (ending with a drill), where he basically pummels the enemy underground, resulting in a big explosion with Koryuoh's silhouette emerging from a crevice. That still gives me shivers down my spine when I see it. Koryuoh is definitely one that needs an overhaul.

The DGG's have been re-done (I guess), and Tatsumaki Zakantou looks gorgeous. But unfortunately IMO it stops there. Daizengar needs more closeups, like when the enemy explodes after a Zakantou cleave, sunset in the background, you know, that kind of stuff. Aussie's attacks look ok, but I feel there's not much "oomph" in the attacks. But then again he uses pistols so it's hard to get a sense of power out of those, compared to a big sword.

Geshpenst Type S (if this materializes), needs a Geshpenst Kick.

Angelg, please, please re-draw the animations.

Soulgain and Granzon, mentioned many times here as well.

SRX. He probably will come back as Banpreios, but I feel they could have done better with him in this game. HTBC Cannon was basically the same...

DaiRaiOh (not in this game but will most likely be in OG3). They better make him awesome.

Wild Wurger and Wild Falken, more dyamic animations please.

Basically those off the top of my head. I'm very satisfied to finally play a PS3 SRW by the way, so these are just my own nitpicks.
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User Info: wwwmegamstar

4 years ago#18
Dis astranagant (if it ever appears in OG3).
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