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User Info: Kraker2k

4 years ago#11
Oh yeah, thanks for the correction.
From: Shaded_Phoenix | #010
Or 7 years, if we don't count ports. And I think it's very important to make distinctions between new games, and ports of games released a year or seven previous.

I was contemplating this matter. Would AP have counted? Since It's not a direct port of anything, yet it's a very complete remake.
AP came out on 19/06/2008 - That would position it at roughly 3.5 years after the PSP's launch.
At the same time, Banpresto made PSP games kinda snowballed in 2010-2012 with the Z, MK, ACE, G Gen and Tokusatsu based video games.
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User Info: Shaded_Phoenix

4 years ago#12
Kraker2k posted...
G Gen

Banpresto doesn't make G Gen.
Operation Latex Turtle is a go.

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