Some Wasted Opportunities

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User Info: 180223

4 years ago#1
Like every other SRW games, I feel that Banpresto wasted some good opportunities for OGS2.

1. Ryusei and Kyosuke not having a combination attack together despite having a mock Rampage Ghost in ACE:R.

2. Yuko Mizutani voices Excellen, Alfimi and Seti in this game but for some strange reason, Seti doesn't get to encounter either of them during the entire game as Alfimi is busy running around and Excellen is stuck on all the Earth routes. It would have been funny to hear Excellen/Alfimi fighting Seti due to them having the same voice actress and the three of them having really reserved BFs. Maybe in OGS3...

3. You have F plot but only Irm is the only playable F protagonist and Ring Mao only gets a pathetic cameo during the end of the second space could have been done much better...

4. No Shuu route despite the incorporation of EX plot. Couldn't they have made it a bonus for players who completed the game with Masaki and Ryunne route? I would have loved to play with some of the Gaia Saber units in this game...

5. Alfimi and Axel not getting a combination attack and having only lvl1 friendship despite fighting as a couple in EXCEED.

6. Alberto and Eldy were playable back in MX during the final fights with the MP Evas and Devil Gundam but we get no such luxury here. I mean would it really hurt to make them playable for one stage against the Ruina or something? I would have loved to having Shouting Black back even for one stage...

I'm sure you guys have your own inputs as well. Share them away!

User Info: VermilionX

4 years ago#2
Elemental showdown between LoE and ruina.

RHB d kill - double rainbow insread.

Weiss/falken combi to match edn double bunker.

Fire and ice combi yanlong/tyuuti. Like a more awesome version tau and aien combi from.zeorymer.

I can think of.more later
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User Info: superobo4ever

4 years ago#3
they didn't know how to handle Shuu route, in the end they ignored it and used the boss alone at the end :p
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User Info: AquamanOS

4 years ago#4
1. Got me there. I guess they didn't want to gimp you since SRX and ATX are usually on seperate splits.

2. Perhaps, but it would have been a throwaway "lol same VA" joke that wouldn't have contributed much.

3. Unfortunately their choices at the beginning of the series came back to haunt them. They opted for Alpha 1's version of Irm and Ring, which means Ring has a steady job, and the rest of the 4/F/F Final heroes don't exist.

4. Shu's route requires sympathetic villains as the team. In OG all the villains have either already joined you, died, or are evil to a baby eating degree.

5. Alfimi joins only for the boss rush at the end anyway. Too late to bother.

6. Different circumstances. Here Albero has no common enemy to get stronger for and side with you for, and Eldy's basically wearing the pants this time around so he's subject to her whims, and she up and disposes of him rather quickly anyway.

User Info: ciscokidd12

4 years ago#5
W originals cameo! Unless they're retconning there whole story. In W they were pretty well known before the game even started. That's how they got the job of escorting "Heero Yui" at the very beginning of the game.

User Info: Toxic_Avanger

4 years ago#6
Missing the "one stage only" reinforcement for the GunEden stage like they did in @2. There it were a bizzilion neat "not really bad" units that could have shown up there (Ahamad anyone?, another stage with the Guests shoguns?)

Most of my regrets are how they handled the EX storylines (there it was no character that hopped around the 3 routes like in EX), and well, there is JakuBuOh.....

--- Oh, not having any foreshadowing in the ending (a huge change from the previous games, booh), and not having eternally 17 popping up throughout the whole game at all times.

User Info: BassGSnewtype

4 years ago#7
Playable Amara
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User Info: Azure_lKite

4 years ago#8
BassGSnewtype posted...
Playable Amara

This. Man, her mech looks like that of a player unit considering how many attacks it has and how her two most powerful attacks end.

Maybe there's hope for OG 3rd? I mean, her HP wasn't reduced to 0 when she got pewed by Euzeth.
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User Info: Kraker2k

4 years ago#9
A. Playable Gandor and Strega. We got both Cerberus and Garmraid but only the reals from D were treated as the canon units. Given both can decombine for two different attacks, felt like a big let down.

B. Giving the AM Gunner the choice to dock with a unit.

C. Giving us the chance to unlock the regular Exbein after we acquire the EX-Exbein. Would have been a nice secret and could have potentially docked with the Gunner.
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User Info: Shale0

4 years ago#10
D. Taking Ryoto, who had the most badass of Huckebeins, and sticking him in a nerfed Armorlion (since it relied on the OG1/2/G weapon upgrade system to get awesome attacks at little cost) that has no new animations from OGs.
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