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User Info: Rainforce

4 years ago#1
1-Who was Nibhal anyway? Balmarian? Did he die? What was his plan?
2-Did Masoukishin part 2 happen? Just hints?

User Info: suchiuomizu

4 years ago#2

Asked the same things about Nibhal there. Originally from Zuvorg, gathering information for the Guests, but became a double agent for Euzeth apparently.

User Info: Rainforce

4 years ago#3
thanks, also i gather masou part 2 hasn't happened yet, the wazas are just fan service

User Info: Shale0

4 years ago#4
Yeah, the reason the finishers are secrets is because the Masoukishin "shouldn't" have them yet.
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User Info: ssjfozz

4 years ago#5
Also guessing that they're in this game because all but Cybuster would suck at the end of the game without them, unless they pumped up the power of their regular final attacks.
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