I benched Gilliam.

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User Info: blazerMFT

4 years ago#1

And then I discovered the wonders of the awesome Vampire Beam.

Now he's in my frontline as one of the boss softeners.

Just a question, who else has those useful post movement status inflicting attacks like SRX' TenjouTengha Nendou Ken (armor down) and RV's energy siphon Vampire Beam? I hardly paid attention to these things until I noticed recently how useful they are...at Scenario 50! -_-
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User Info: VermilionX

4 years ago#2
vampire beam is nerfed on this game. actually... gespenst RV is nerfed on this game as whole.

vampire beam used to be more powerful and has EN drain lvl 2.

not much else in terms of useful P moves status fx aside from SRX.

in case you're not using it yet... armor break equip type and armor break on josh's new ride have level 3 armor break.

the equip type is better bec josh doesn't have fury seishin.

rai and leona can equip the armor break and they both have fury.
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User Info: MJEmirzian

4 years ago#3
Gilliam is mostly useful as an Awaken battery.
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User Info: Sans Pants

Sans Pants
4 years ago#4
You could always put him in something that's not the RV. He's a valid choice for a Type-3 subpilot due to his SP Regen and Accel. Or you could have him fight in something else. I feel like it's not that he's getting weaker, but everyone else is getting stronger. I hope he gets powered-up somehow in 3rd OGs or 2nd OGs Gaiden (if such things will exist).

Fun Fact: his VA is going on to voice Han Dang in Dynasty Warriors 8. If the game doesn't get dubbed, you'll be hearing him an awful lot.

User Info: BillbertGundam

4 years ago#5
Pair him with Ing's Exexexexebein.
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User Info: ssjfozz

4 years ago#6
He needs an Aggressors combo with Kai, they both have Gespensts so that would make it extra cool. I'd say with Sanger and Ratsel too but they already have their combo.

Could have Kai do big jet magnum attack, hold enemy up in the air with plasma stakes while shocking them and have Gilliam above with the RV raining down his railgun or whatever that cannon is.
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