What we can expect in OGS3

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User Info: Neo_Tai

4 years ago#11
what about the Eisnt from the shadow mirror? will those guys show up in their universe? (like they did in the anime) and what about the XO original? (the one from xbox bleh) they could fit in as well and last the woman that look like Guilliam

User Info: Marioak

4 years ago#12
Isn't Mefia (From Masoukishin 2, Forget her name...she got a pink hair) some sort of Grace (Another F Protagonist) reboot?
Unlockable Content? You mean DLC right?
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User Info: blade_knight_v2

4 years ago#13
Bring back puzzle robo!
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User Info: orcus_snake

4 years ago#14
Shadow Mirror invasion?

Wasnt that in OG2/OGs?
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User Info: ciscokidd12

4 years ago#15
Ze Balmary Empire vs. Fury Vs. Zuvorg Alliance Vs. Earth Forces.

Calvina story w/o the three fury experiments.

User Info: AmanomaKun

4 years ago#16
im expecting the 3rd OGs on PS4

User Info: Neo_Tai

4 years ago#17
AmanomaKun posted...
im expecting the 3rd OGs on PS4

i hope not

User Info: Magnaa

4 years ago#18
I'm expecting more like 3rd OG on PS3, and 4th OG on PS4. Why would most people think that the OG series will end with 3rd OG? There are still alot of unused past works from Banpresto to draw from.

User Info: hashishtemasu

4 years ago#19
KOFXIII posted...
Manstart posted...
KOFXIII posted...
Irm's comrades coming from the shadow mirror world.

Don't tell me they're dead there too.

they are dead here?

I think they are.

I can't remember if it's fan theory or if they really died with that Huckebein incident.

but since Irm and Ring exist and the rest never appeared we can assume they're dead, retired or never existed in the OG verse.

I believe it was mentioned in the first OG that Ring, Irm, and Ingram were the only survivors of the PTX team

User Info: Jaymielan

4 years ago#20
AmanomaKun posted...
im expecting the 3rd OGs on PS4

i agree on this

for better epic battle animation
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