SRW W Part 2 Tier List

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User Info: DemiseEnd

4 years ago#1
Time to finish this for no reason other than holiday + bored + why not

- Based on Efficiency run of some sorts
- No Parts, No Skills, No Death, and No Upgrades is assumed
- No Infinite SP Trick, because otherwise, the Tier List would become Valzacard > King J-Der > Staple > Renewal > Boss Borot > The rest
- Auto Deploy Unit are not tiered. Note that the only Auto Deploy unit in this game is Nadesico B, so I have quite a lot of unit to place.

- Ardygun/10:
Kazuma - Valguard -> Valzacard

- Clucth in early game, solid during mid game where your main hitter(mainly
Mazinkaiser and Tekkaman) is around. The upgrade into Valzacard set them up for late game dominance.

Valzacard is basically your best damage dealer thanks to Zeal, and unlike Koji, actually has a mobility to talk about. A lot of the levels relied on Valzacard’s superior mobility and the ability to support attack(a good example being Tekkaman Saber and Tekkaman Omega).

4 – 5 pilot pools means Valzacard is extremely self sufficient. With its alvailability, MAP SPAM, mobility, offense, durability, range, cheap EN cost, and utility, Valguard/Valzacard is IMO the closest SRW ever got in term of a “perfect” unit(another would be J!Nadesico and maybe Ideon).

Who know how broken it would be in OG4/OG5

Staple Tier:
Koji – Mazinkaiser
Tekkaman Blade
Ryoma – Shin Getter
Tetsuya - Great Mazinger
Tekkaman Hiver
King J-Der

Koji and Tetsuya

Koji and Tetsuya played the same role as they do in part 1, and they are arguably much more important than they are before. To tank stuff and kill bosses in sight with their firepower. For the majority of part 2, Koji with Tetsuya support is the best unit to tank the mooks during enemy phase to set up your map spam, and their player phase offense are rivalled only by SP Charged + Support Attack Valzacard. Their biggest flaw is their energy reserve(160-ish EN spamming 30 – 50 EN Combo), attack range(1 Range for DBF, 3 Range for Final Dynamic Special) and mobility(7 Mov, which is still enough to catch up with the boss and reinforcements).


Blade get perhaps the most buff going from Part 1 into Part 2. For starter, Blaster Mode is ridiculous. 3 Combination attack(2 of them being the strongest non Koji Combo in the game, one of them being cheap, and powerful post movement combo). Near the end of part 2, a lot of fast clears relied on his 10 movement and ability to hit hard, especially coupled with Zeal, and Pegas has some useful Seishin, namely Ressuply. He also has the game stacked for his favor thanks to the amount of Duels and Isolated situation that feature him as the boss killer. In order to make an optimal use of Blade, you need to deploy all three of his combination attack fodder. Normally, I would not rate such a unit highly. It just happened that those 3 Units are extremely good in their own rights.

Shin Getter

Shin Getter is essentialy “What if Blade has acces to more combat oriented sub pilot and is a melle unit?” The difference of Part 1 Getter and Part 2 Getter generally comes from the fact that Ryoma can actually use Zeal, Mobility and the ability to attack several times per turn is much more important, and the cheap combination attack with Shin Getter. Final Dynamic Special can also be used against bosses, just in case you need more firepower.
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User Info: DemiseEnd

4 years ago#2
King J-Der

King J-Der is a mini Valzacard. 4 Pilot, no Map attack, and no support attack. Basically, get the J-Phoenix and spam it. Use Zeal/Assail when neccesary. Also King J-Der usually have EN problem, so keep that in mind.

Tekkaman Hiver

Her Map attack is ridiculous. Absurd AOE, solid damage, and relatively cheap, or at least cheap enough to be spammed 1 - 4 times per map, which is enough for your front liner to clean up. Hiver’s usage started to become limited during mid game, thanks to the infinite reinforcement(or really, the reinforcement placement in general), and extremely durable bosses, during which she is relegated as combination attack fodder with Takaya. Also acted as a spirit bank.

The Ryu

Just…. Ridiculous. For starter, by deploying all four of them, and creatively abusing their combination system, you get 8 Unit to play with, and all of them shares their EXP gains. It just happened that they have extremely powerful offense, and they can increase their will with Spirit all on their own. Oh, and one of them serve as a Rouse Bot, so in case you want to give exp to other units, simply deploy one set and call it a day. Their flaw are the same as Mazinkaiser, EN and lack of mobility.

Top Tier:
Guy – GaoFaiGar -> Genesic GaoGaiGar
Aki – Tekkaman Aki
Lori and Loru – Million Alpha
Noal and Milly – Blue Earth


Guy’s damage output is shaky and he has severe EN and SP problems with no multipilot or absurd damage output to justify devoting SP to him. A solid character during the earlier parts of the game, where everyone else is a scrub. He falls off around the end of Kaiser route split. The super late upgrade into Genesic GaoGaiGar give him more durability than Kaiser, but his damage output is still lacking, alongside having even more EN problem. The Goldion Crusher especially the MAP version is actually pretty good, despite its effectively one chapter worth of alvailability.


A major part of her is being a combination attack bot with Blade, and the Combination Attack is absolutely broken(30 EN, 5520 Damage, 110 Will). However, as a unit of its own, Aki rocks. Solid attack power, best natural pilot stats in the game, solid combo attack, 2 pilot with ressuply, and insane movement, Command Aura. A useful trick during mid – late game is to put her in a position where Blade is going to arrive, and then spam their cheap combination attack with each other.

Lori and Loru

Spirit Bot/10. Has Devote and Enable. Level them up by force ressuply.

Noal and Milly

Spirit Bot/10. Has Enable and Ressuply. Sadly Noal’s spirit set is terrible. Level them up by forced ressuply.
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User Info: DemiseEnd

4 years ago#3
Mid Tier:
Everyone from Tekkaman - 2
Orgun – Orgun(duh)
Yurika - Nadesico – Y
Lacus – Eternal
Professor – Re-Home
Akito – Black Serena
Sousuke – Arbalest
Kira – Freedom Meteor
Heero – Wing Zero Custom
Athrun – Justice Meteor
Sayaka – Any Mazinger Mecha

Tekkaman 2

Solid 2 Pilot Unit who can combo spam and have 2 pilot. Their biggest flaw are their EN reserve, and their damage output are, ultimately lacking, especially with the Post Movement Issue of their combination attack.


Imagine Blaster Blade who has lack of alvailability, sub pilot, and for no good reason tried to use Zeal and Soul in one set. Lets not forget that Grand Cross Attack practically does not exist, and you get a relatively mediocre unit whose selling point resolve around his forced deployment.

Nadesico - Y

Devote bot with lack of alvailability.


Rouse and Renew Bot with lack of alvailability.


The suckiness of HOME and Re-Home(as a unit) is LEGENDARY. SP Bank with alvailability, and loses a sub-pilot during late game. Can Ressuply and Repair, which is pretty cool.

Black Serena

His appearance is early. His alvailability, OTOH begs to differ. As a unit? You can’t even use the Separate feature until super late game to quick start his offense, and his combo partner is not too useful. Basically, yet another “Blade with no sub pilot, alvailability, and terrible partner”

Arbalest - Sousuke

Has 6 Mov, and Medicore Attack power(as far as this game goes) without the combination attack. Said combination attack involves deploying 2 other mediocre units. Basically, use him only as a slot filler, and forced deployment stuff.

Freedom - Kira

Following his time using the scrub mecha known as Strike Gundam, his MAP is acceptable(although Hiver MAP make his map much less useful), his stats is pretty good, his Spirit Command is pretty good, and METEOR Justice + Freedom Combo is amazing(5880 Damage for 30 EN is very overpowered). So why is he this low?
He barely exist. Also METEOR is pretty damn late(mission 46/55)
Okay, he actually exist in SEED routes, and that route gives you terrible secret(Red Strike is downright the worst attack in the game, and Canard is a generic cannon fodder)

Heero - Wing Zero Custom

His offense is downright mediocre in Part 2, even assuming Soul. His time during the forced deployment are pretty good since his MAP is amazing, and he is deployed in a position where his MAP attack can be useful in its own rights.

Justice - Athrun

He is like Kira, except, with worse alvailability for some reason.


High SP Rouse. Put in a ressuply bot to level her up
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User Info: DemiseEnd

4 years ago#4
Low Tier:
Tekkaman Dead is somewhere in the middle

Gundam Wing units goes: Trowa > Quattre > Duo > Zech > Lucrezia > Wufei
In term fo usefulness though, Lucrezia > Quattre > The rest

SEED Pilots goes: Mwu > Dearka > Cagalli > Nicol > Yzak
ASTRAY pilot goes: Elijah = Prayer > Canard
Nadesico Pilot goes: Ryoko > Gai > Saburota > Tsukumo > Hikaru > Isumi > Genichiro
FMP Pilot goes: Galli > Kurz > Melissa > Belfangan

Yoko(Orgun) is bottom of The Rest Tier

Bottom Tier:
Sol Tekkaman
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User Info: MJEmirzian

4 years ago#5
If I ever get around to playing W I'll probably agree with this list.

Although I like using parts in my run. Are W parts overpowered? - Tactical Insights. Tactical turn based and tactical/strategy game news/reviews.

User Info: DemiseEnd

4 years ago#6
Only the full SP Recovery and some EN related parts are a problem. The parts are the standard fare, so its more the unit problem than the parts itself(Devote + SP Recovery + Valzacard being the big example)

As a sidenote I actually tested using parts in the final level, which allowed a 4 Turn Clears(IIRC it is a 5 Turn, 2 Turn to bait the boss and mook clearing, 1 Turn for Form 1, 1 Turn to deal with Form 2 while doing a mook clearing again, and 1 more Turn to beat the Form 2) thanks to the increased EN supply combined with SP spamming, and with quite a lot spare SP recovery to play with
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User Info: MJEmirzian

4 years ago#7
Didn't the same developers of the DS games make UX? I really didn't like UX. - Tactical Insights. Tactical turn based and tactical/strategy game news/reviews.

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