Solo game = possible?

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User Info: SBloodraven

8 years ago#1
Is it possible to finish the game with only one character doing most of the fighting? HAs anyone attempted this? Do you have any suggestions before I try?


User Info: AAHyrule

8 years ago#2
I've never tried it, but I believe the game actually GIVES you the option to do this by allowing you to make character specific decks (where only that character appears in battle).
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User Info: MrHearn

8 years ago#3
Yes, that's what TC was talking about.
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User Info: Saint_Phoenix

8 years ago#4
It's probably manageable, but you'll have to know what techniques you're using and prepare well ahead.
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User Info: FOnewmkloe

8 years ago#5
Just the thought of having to face the Holoholobird, "the Godcraft", or the Black Dragon alone makes me shiver with fear. If you're actually going to do this then good luck and be sure to tell us how far you get.

User Info: SBloodraven

8 years ago#6
Actually, the first time I played the game, I used only Sagi. I got pwned by the second Umbra. Well, I'll give it another go.

User Info: Meteo

8 years ago#7
Maybe try playing with just two characters at a time? That's still a pretty big challenge.
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User Info: SBloodraven

8 years ago#8
Yeah, maybe I'll try that first. With only Sagi, I have to grind like crazy, and focus heavily on defensive equips. Then I get afflicted with a disabling status effect and die a slow and painful death.

User Info: BingKafei

8 years ago#9
Playing with only one character is possible...but I'd sooner recommend only Milly rather than only Sagi. Milly has a wider variety of moves, requires less magic, and is normally the better fighter overall in my opinion. Good luck, buy Auras when you can.
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User Info: forgottenslayer

8 years ago#10
It probably gets much easier when you get the Apotheosis!
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