this worth $20+?

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User Info: kreegan64

5 years ago#1
I loved the first game, and very much consider getting the sequel. I hear that it only has three party members, but willing to look past that if this game is at least as good as the first, or at least worth the 20-25 bucks it costs at the store (don't remember exactly, but it's around that for sure). Is this worth it?
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User Info: pigfacemonkyman

5 years ago#2
I just splashed out $59.98 (new+shipping) and bought a Freeloader so I could play it (UK). I am only a short way into the game but it is so worth the outlay. $20 to $25 is a bargain.

User Info: OrnerySpoon

5 years ago#3
kreegan64 posted...
I hear that it only has three party members, but willing to look past that if this game is at least as good as the first

I was kind of turned off by that at first, but honestly I think it works out really well; they have great synergy both in battle and in plot, and all three get excellent characterization and development, so the small team kind of works by allowing each character to shine.

So with that said, I would wholeheartedly recommend giving this a try. $25 seems like a great deal to me.
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User Info: PrimePikachu

5 years ago#4

User Info: Darkeagle6

5 years ago#5
Three party members actually works really well in this game. Unlike Baten Kaitos, in Origins all characters share the same deck, and while standard attacks and items can be used by all, finishers and equipment are character-specific, which means that having only 3 characters makes sense gameplay-wise.

In terms of story, though, this allows the game to focus specifically on those three main characters as they progress through the story, which ends up being to the game's favor. Seeing these characters' interactions and growth is really one of the game's strong points.

I would definitely buy it. Battle system is different, and while I ultimately perfer the first Baten Kaitos' combat, the faster-paced Origins battle system remains interesting until the end of the game.

User Info: VergilsGirl

5 years ago#6
I bought it used at Gamestop for around $6. Best game buy I ever made. ^_^ Sagi and Milly are wonderful characters, and Guillo... Gods, do I love the snarky thing! They also manage inserting the player into the story as a character really well. I felt strongly connected to all three of them, and loved discovering 'my' past, and who I could chose to be. If I had to shell out again, $20-$25 would definitely be reasonable in my opinion.
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User Info: DeuxHero

5 years ago#7
I payed $15 for a like new copy, haven't regreted it.

Yeah, focusing on 3 characters only is very much to the benefit in both terms of story and gameplay.
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