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User Info: Akito_Kinomoto

5 years ago#1
I'm going to say Margulis. What an epic and manly man.
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User Info: RED_ODA

5 years ago#2
His first appearence caused some impression specially because of the song and his quotes on that scene, his voice in English version is one of the best works that I ever seen in a North American voice acting, it's almost like Michael McConnohie born to voice Margulis;

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User Info: Metal Gear Raxis

Metal Gear Raxis
5 years ago#3
I have to agree with the above :) I started the series with Xenosaga 2 and Margulis made an immediate impression on me.

But I still like KOS-MOS best.
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User Info: RED_ODA

5 years ago#4
Jin entrance was one of the baddest@$$. I mean, cutting a A.M.W.S. in half with a sword is pretty bad@$$, right?

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User Info: AIbedo

5 years ago#5
My top 10:

1. Albedo Piazzolla
2. Louis Virgil
3. Wilhelm
5. Jin Uzuki
6. Jr.
7. Shion Uzuki
8. Kevin Winnicot
9. Allen Ridgeley
10. Juli Mizrahi
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