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User Info: Action

11 years ago#1

Some of us here at the Final Fantasy IV Advance Board see many questions that are common to each other. To reduce the number of these "basic" topics, we have made this Online FAQ for your viewing convinience.


Ice Water
Kael Kazaki
Magic Kid
Some Other Guy

Yeah, I know I forgot people. Stop crying you guys, we still love you too. Just rag on me here, okay?

Version 1.1
Second released version. More questions, some rearrangements and hopefully more users will read it. :)

Keyword System
Many FAQs here on GameFAQs utilize the Keyword system. It utilizes the Find Function on Notepad and Wordpad. In addition, this feature can also be used on many commonly used internet browsers.

The keyword system is used at the start of each section. When reading the Table of Contents, you'll see the following by a certain section:


Press Ctrl+F and type in the following:


And you'll immediately be brought to the corresponding section after you press Enter. Make sure you don't drop the ^ or you'll end up elsewhere on the screen.

Table of Contents
General Section
[4A] Learn to use GameFAQs
[4B] Clarity
[4C] Mark your SPOILERS
[4D] Check the FAQs
[4E] Check the topics
[4F] Rumors = HORRIBLE
[4G] Deleting saved games

FF4A Version Questions
[VA] This was FF2 on the SNES! Why is it wrong now?
[VB] What's new in this version?
[VC] What version of the game is this?
[VD] Are all the old abilities back in this game?
[VE] Have the spell names changed?
[VF] Has the music been changed?
[VG] I hear about lag and slowdown in this game. Is that true?
[VH] I've played other FF4 versions and this one seems really easy. Why?
[VI] I hear about glitches in this game. Is that true?

FF4A Storyline Questions
[SA] How do I beat Dark Knight Cecil?
[SB] Is there a stripper in Baron?
[SC] Is "You Spoony Bard" still in this game?

FF4A Gameplay Questions
[GA] How do I get Rare Items off enemies?
[GB] Are the Pink Puffs in this game?
[GC] Does the Item Duplication Trick still work?
[GD] Does the Dark Crystal Warp Trick still work?
[GE] How do I beat the Dark Elf?
[GF] How do I beat Golbez?
[GG] How do I beat Asura?
[GH] How do I beat Bahamut?
[GI] How do I beat Zeromus?
[GJ] How do I beat Lunar Odin?
[GK] What level should I be for [insert location here]?
[GL] How do I get more Sirens?

- End of Contents -

User Info: Action

11 years ago#2
- General Section -

A few things we ask of you before you post:

1) Learn to use GameFAQs ^[4A]
No, this is not a joke. Learn the GameFAQs Terms of Service (which you agreed to when you signed up for this site) and learn the basics of posting. It'll help you to maximize your online experience here and help you follow all the other rules here.

If you don't know where these files are located, here's some help for you.

GameFAQs Terms of Service (applies to GameSpot users as well):

GameFAQs Help Files:

2) Clarity ^[4B]
If you're going to ask for help, the least we ask of you is some decent grammar and spelling in your posts. Since most of us are cranky bastards anyways (okay, mostly just me), we'll just get irritated if we don't know what the hell you're talking about.

Having a topic title that follows these same parameters also makes people who answer your posts happy. Trust me when I say that having 5-6 topics that all say "newbie question" or "a few questions" isn't exactly fun by any means. Also, is it really that hard to press the Enter key a few times?

3) Mark your SPOILERS ^[4C]
A SPOILER is a critical plot detail. Revealing one without giving any warning is against the GameFAQs Terms of Service, which you agreed to when you signed up for this site (GameFAQs OR GameSpot).

Some common spoilers are as follows:
- Character dies at a point in the game.
- Character isn't real, character is replaced by android/demon clone/etc.
- Character gains immense power at this point in the game.

If you're in doubt about whether or not you're talking about a Spoiler, mark it anyways, just to cover your ass.

To mark a Spoiler, I usually go like this: <SPOILERS> with the Bold tags and everything so that most anyone will see the warning.

Two rules you should follow when posting any Spoilers whatsoever:
1. DO NOT PUT THE SPOILER ITSELF IN THE TOPIC TITLE It totally defeats the purpose of putting a SPOILER warning.
2. LEAVE SOME SPACE BETWEEN YOUR WARNING AND THE SPOILER ITSELF Putting 50 lines isn't necessary, but at least give a little space so that some poor sap won't accidentally read it.

For example, something you wouldn't want to do is this:
So and so <SPOILERS> dies at this point in the game.

As you can see, it's nearly impossible to see the warning and then just stop. What I usually do is leave a few spaces in between so that they can at least hit the Back button. Like this:


So and so dies at this point in the game.

It gives a little more time for the user to backtrack if they don't want to read the Spoiler.

4) Check the FAQs ^[4D]
This site is called GameFAQs for a reason. All those FAQs/Walkthroughs/Maps were created by users, just like yourself. Amazing, isn't it? Reading those FAQs will greatly enhance your knowledge of the game and most likely answer most questions you might have. If you have a question, just click on the FAQs and Guides link before trying the boards. Given, the FAQs are usually a lot longer and harder to sift through, but they're usually a sure-fire guarantee that you'll get an answer.

User Info: Action

11 years ago#3
5) Respect others
Please be respectful of others while posting at this board, whether you're asking for help or giving it. Deliberately being rude/confusing/inflammitory/annoying will usually result in someone else (maybe even me) deliberately being an asshat right back to you.

A few examples of not respecting others:
- TYPING IN ALL CAPS OR BOLDING ALL YOUR CAPS will not get you any special treatment.
- TyPiNg AlL wEiRd AnD jUnK will most likely annoy others and won't get you any special treatment.
- Whenyoutypeinwaysthatcanbarelybereadatall, yes, that's extremely annoying. Don't do it.

Keep #1 in mind, and also thank people when they help you out. Just because it's courteous.

6) Check the topics ^[4E]
Just like the FAQs help with information, other topics do as well. Check around for a few pages and see if someone else has already asked the same question you have. If you have at least 50 Karma, you can do a Search for keywords using the link at the bottom of the page. Make sure you keep your Search entry short, since GameFAQs searches for the exact phrase you put in.

If you don't have 50 karma, just check a few pages. If you don't see anything related to your question, go ahead and post.

Keep in mind that there are a few special topics where you can ask the question on the fly and someone will answer it. Don't even worry about reading all the posts in it, just ask your question. Even if it's a repeat, it's much easier to answer 10 questions in one topic rather than 10 questions in 10 different topics.

7) Rumors = HORRIBLE ^[4F]
There aren't exactly a whole ton of rumors floating about FF4A, but I can kill off a few rumors right here concerning other FF games on the GBA/DS.

Remakes on Final Fantasy 3, 5 & 6:
There ARE confirmed remakes of FF3 (for the Nintendo DS), FF5 and FF6 (both for GBA) in the works. If you wish to see their boards, here they are:

FF3 Board:

FF5 Board:

FF6 Board:

Keep in mind that during the writing of this Board FAQ, there has been NO official word on when these games will be released.

Chrono Trigger? There is no confirmation on a remake of this game. However, some think that it's only a matter of time before SquareEnix caves in and cashes in on that game too. I personally agree as well.

Anything else you hear is most likely false. ESPECIALLY any rumors you hear about a Final Fantasy 7 remake for the PS3 from a certain EGM magazine.

User Info: Action

11 years ago#4
8) Deleting save games ^[4G]
There is no definite way to get rid of your save games. On the other hand, you can save over them, so if you have an old save game that you want to get rid of, just start a new game and save over any old saves you want to get rid of.

However, there IS a glitch you can exploit if you really need to get rid of them.

Thanks to Melissa, aka Myriakitty, for letting us know about this glitch
There is a severe bug in Final Fantasy 4 GBA that causes all your saved games to be erased.

These are the steps that can trigger the bug (Don't try this unless you are REALLY sure you want to erase your saves!):

1. You must have 1-4 party members, because the bug involves empty character slots.
2. Go to the menu screen and select Item. Use a Potion or similar item on one of your characters.
3. Go back to the menu screen and select Order. Move the character on which you used the item to one of the blank slots.
4. Go back to the item screen.

The workaround is to always exit the menu screen after using the Order command. If you do so then go back to the menu and choose Item, the bug does not occur.

Square Enix of Japan has acknowledged the problem here:

However, Nintendo of America, at which all technical support complaints for the American version should be directed, has not acknowledged this. The bug *does* occur in the American version.


NOTE: This method has been tested, but it's not a 100% guarantee that it'll work. Not to mention there's been no word if this bug will work in European or Australian versions.

- End of General files -

User Info: Action

11 years ago#5
- FF4A Version Questions -

This section covers questions about this version of FF4 as compared to other versions.

1) This was FF2 on the SNES! How come it got mis-numbered? ^[VA]

The original Fainaru Fantajii was released in Japan in 1987. However, the game "Final Fantasy" wasn't released in the US until 1990. By this time, there was already the superior Fainaru Fantajii 3 released in Japan.

The Super Famicom, and later the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, was released in 1991. Instead of releasing Final Fantasy 2 on the NES, Nintendo simply translated Fainaru Fantajii 4 and released it on their Super NES as the game "Final Fantasy 2". Since the REAL Fainaru Fantajii 2 and 3 had not been released in the USA yet, and Nintendo thought people would be confused by the sudden jump from Final Fantasy 1 to Final Fantasy 4.


Personally, I think it would've eliminated more confusion NOW to make that jump from 1 to 4, but that's just me.

If you want ro read more, go here:

2) What's new in this version? ^[VB]
A whole bunch of things. Here's a list of noteworthy things originally from another topic:

- You can freely choose your party AFTER the Giant of Babel. You can choose from your original five characters, as well as Yang, Cid, Edward, Palom and Porom. However, Cecil CANNOT leave the party at any point in time.

- There is a new dungeon that opens up in Mount Ordeals that can be used as a training ground AND contains superior weaponry for the five characters mentioned above. The character must be present for them to recieve the weapon. These weapons are also guarded by harder versions of previous monsters.

- Once you beat the game, the Lunar Ruins appear. The Lunar Ruins are an all-new 50-level dungeon that's incredibly difficult and impossible to complete in one trip. Before you can attempt a character's trial, you must beat Zeromus with that character in the party (well, you only have to use one of the twins).

- You have to complete all nine trials (Palom & Porom count as one), fight dark versions of Rydia's Summons (much like the Dark Aeons) and collect all the Grimoires, you will then fight Zeromus EG.

- The Lunar Ruins have extremely hard versions of easier enemies. The Worst Marlboros and Great Behemoths are just two of the many high-level enemies that you will face in the Lunar Ruins.

3) What version of the game is this? ^[VC]
The graphics are from the WonderSwan Color version. The gameplay is from the original version, dubbed the "HardType" version by some gamers.

4) Are all the old abilities back in this game? ^[VD]
Yes. Rosa has her "Pray" ability, Edward has his "Heal" ability, Dark Knight Cecil has his "Dark Wave" (called "Dark" in-game). The list goes on. Sufficed to say, if you've only played the SNES version, you WILL see new abilities in FF4A.

5) Have the spell names changed? ^[VE]
The days of Fire1, Fire2, Fire3, etc. are over. If Dawn of Souls was any indication, all the spell names have conformed to the newer "FF standard" (which has been in all North American games since FF8) of Fire, Fira, Firaga, etc.

Meteo has been changed back to its original Meteor. The Cure4 spell has been changed to Curaja.

6) Has the music been changed? ^[VF]
Short answer: Yes.

Long answer: Yes, but these changes are mostly updates. Also, anyone who's played the previous versions will notice no difference in the actual tunes themselves.

User Info: Action

11 years ago#6
7) I hear about lag and slowdown in this game. Is that true? ^[VG]
To a certain extent. The most noticeable lag is found when flying around on the airship. In addition, there's a slight bit of lag when you're fighting in a battle.

However, despite these lag times, it's NOTHING compared to the load times for Chrono Trigger of Final Fantasy VI (the PSX versions).

8) I've played other FF4 versions and this one seems really easy. Why? ^[VH]
Perhaps you're just getting better at playing Final Fantasy 4? :)

In all honesty here, the beginning of the game is where it will seem the easiest. This is probably for newcomers to the series who are unexperienced with the Final Fantasy IV battle system. As the game progresses, the difficulty will increase and by the time you reach the Lunar Ruins, you probably won't think it's very easy.

9) I hear about glitches in this game. Is that true? ^[VI]
Yes. To not acknowledge the glitches in the battle system would simply be ignorant.

There are times where a character will get two turns in a row during a battle. This is probably a big inconvinience at best, but I personally see no reason for people to complain, since any character can exploit the glitch.

In addition, there's a glitch where characters will not get their turns in the proper order. Especially a problem if you play with speed on 1 and Active. It really throws a monkey wrench into any turn strategy that you might have at that moment.

Also, there's a glitch that where the cursor doesn't move when you press it; the same thing goes for the A button, where it might seem unresponsive at times.

These glitches DO exist, but most of us have dealt with them. I personally don't think they detract from the game as a whole.

Look at it this way. It's Final Fantasy 4 that you can play on the can. Try doing THAT with a SNES and TV and keeping with electrical safety rules.

- End of Version Questions -

User Info: Action

11 years ago#7
- FF4A Storyline Questions -

This section covers questions that pertain to the storyline.

1) How do I beat Dark Knight Cecil? ^[SA]
"A true paladin ... will sheathe his sword." Basically what you need to do is simply NOT ATTACK. Either heal yourself or use the "Defend" option and the Dark Knight will defeat himself.

Sure, you CAN defeat the Dark Knight on your own by attacking and healing yourself, but it's completely unneccesary for you to do so. Not to mention it completely defeats the point of the trial in the first place.

2) Is there a stripper in Baron? ^[SB]
In the Japanese version, there is a girl in Baron who basically strips for you. She still wears a bikini though, so there's no nudity whatsoever.

In the North American version, this girl keeps her dress on. For some odd reason, users on this board wish to complain about it. Personally I wouldn't even care to see a bikini-clad girl that's about 10-12 pixels tall.

3) Is "You Spoony Bard" still in this game? ^[SC]
Yes, it is. Although the rest of the translation has reverted to what it should be, SquareEnix has decided to keep this classic line (as well as "I, Garland, will knock you all down" in Dawn of Souls).

- End of Storyline Questions -

User Info: Action

11 years ago#8
- FF4A Gameplay Questions -

This section covers questions that pertain to the gameplay.

1) How do I get Rare Items off enemies? ^[GA]
Some people have been wondering how they can manage to score the rarest item off a monster. Well here's a helpful little guide to assist you:

This is Some Other Guy's Rare Item FAQ. For those of you who just can't live without the Goblin summon. It may be written for the PSX version, but most of the aspects of it still apply to this version.

2) Are the Pink Puffs in this game? ^[GB]
Yes. They have been renamed the "Flan Princess", but the Pink Puff is still back and good as ever.

The easiest way to encounter one is to steal a Siren from a Last Arm or Searcher enemy, both of which are encountered in the Giant of Babel. With a Siren in hand, head to the "Flan Princess Room", which is the southeastern most room on level B5 in the Lunar Subterrane.

If you require help from here, check out Action's FAQ: </shameless plug>

From there, go to section [MOON8] to find Sirens and sections [LAST2] or [LAST3] to find the areas where Flan Princesses reside. Use a Siren in the room specified to initiate an encounter the Flan Princess. After you beat them, there is a slim chance that you will obtain the "Pink Tail" item, which can be swapped at the Adamant Grotto for an Adamant Armor, one of the best armors in the game.

3) Does the Item Duplication Trick still work? ^[GC]
Nope. Your days of cloning multiple Excaliburs/Masamunes/etc. have come to an end!

4) Does the Dark Crystal Warp Trick still work? ^[GD]
Nope. You have to go into the sealed cave like everyone else, and the challenge of going down there with only 4 characters is gone as well.

5) How do I beat the Dark Elf? ^[GE]

The Dark Elf isn't weak to any spell, so have Tellah concentrate on healing. The other teammates (Cecil, Cid and Yang) should concentrate on attacking the Dark Elf. If you need, you can always have Cecil use a Cure-type spell.

For an extremely quick (and cheap) win, have Tellah cast Tornado on the Dark Elf. It'll bring the Dark Elf's HP down to critical levels; one small attack will defeat the Dark Elf easily.

6) How do I beat Golbez? ^[GF]
You start the fight with Cecil alone. However, Rydia will appear soon after. To be honest, you can probably beat Golbez with Cecil and Rydia alone.

However, if you want the team to get the full experience, use a Phoenix Down on Rosa first, so that she can heal everyone else. Use Phoenix Downs on the rest of your team and then have Rosa use her highest level Cure spell to heal them up. After your team is back up and running, have your fighters attack, Rydia use her summons and have Rosa heal. Golbez will go down before you know it.

7) How do I beat Asura? ^[GG]
The easiest way (and perhaps the only feasible way) is to have Rosa at Level 35, where she learns Reflect. You can cast Reflect on Asura and all her beneficial spells will be Reflected onto your team. You can then attack and heal freely, but make sure Rydia doesn't cast a spell on her, as it'll simply be Reflected back at you.

If Rosa ISN'T at Level 35, simply go out and train until she's up to speed. It's almost impossible to beat Asura without removing her Curaja.

User Info: Action

11 years ago#9
8) How do I beat Bahamut? ^[GH]
NOTE: You must have beat Leviathan before facing Bahamut.

By now, Rosa is probably well over Level 35, so she'll have Reflect. Before Bahamut's countdown completes, have Rosa cast Reflect on herself first, and Cecil if you can. If you have FuSoYa, he can also cast Reflect as well. Due to the new party system, it's possible to face Bahamut after you can change your characters, so you could potentially have Porom on your team as well.

Once Bahamut has cast his Mega Flare, anyone with the Reflect status on themselves will Reflect the Mega Flare back at Bahamut. Everyone else will suffer the consequences and probably be KO'ed in the process. After the Mega Flare is cast, heal up anyone who was KO'ed and attack Bahamut with all your might.

9) How do I beat Zeromus? ^[GI]
Before you have Cecil use the Crystal, have Edge Steal the Dark Matter from Zeromus. This will help out against the Big Bang attack that Zeromus uses.

Once you use the Crystal, the real fight begins. Kain should Jump (and he could avoid a Big Bang if you time it right), Cecil should attack normally, Edge should either attack or Throw something (Fuma Shurikens are good Throwing items). Rosa should use Curaja on the entire team and Rydia should use her best summon (which is most likely Bahamut) and she can summon Asura if you need help in the healing department.

This fight isn't terribly hard. The biggest thing you'll need to watch out for is that damn Big Bang attack.

10) How do I beat Lunar Odin? ^[GJ]
Lunar Odin is tricky, but hardly impossible, with the right spell and attack combo. Read on.

Strategy by divinedragonslayer

Start off by casting Slow ASAP. If your white Mage dies from the first Zantetsuken, revive her and cast Slow first. Heal Cecil first so he defends your weakened characters. Continually cast Curaja and keep at least 3 characters alive after his second Zantetsuken. When he casts Holy it almost always kills off one of your characters. After that turn, your essentially in the clear as long as you cast a Thunder-based Spell on him. To help out everyone, Lunar Odin's turns go like this...

1st Turn: Zantetsuken
2nd Turn: Physical Attack
3rd Turn: Physical Attack
4th Turn: Zantetsuken
5th Turn: Physical Attack
6th Turn: Holy
7th Turn: Haste
8th Turn: Lightning courses through Odin!

I've tested it several times and each time it worked. Just devote all of your characters to healing and reviving. Then cast Thunder once and on his 8th turn he'll die.

11) What level should I be at for [insert location here]? ^[GK]
There's one rule you ever need to know for any FF game.

If you're beating down every enemy in sight, you're probably at a sufficient level. If you're getting your ass beat down by everything, it's either time to level up, or you're in the wrong spot.

If you feel the need to make a topic in the first place, go level up about 12 levels and then attempt the area in question.

12) How do I get more Sirens? ^[GL]
There are the two enemies in the Giant of Babel that Edge can steal Sirens from.

Other than that, the next place you can get a Siren is inside the Lunar Ruins (on any "mechanical" Floor of Rememberence, you should be able to find yourself a Last Arm enemy). If you have not beat Zeromus yet, you're out of luck until then.

- End of Gameplay Questions -
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User Info: Ice Water

Ice Water
11 years ago#10
Looks a bit cleaner. I'll untag the other and tag this until this sucker gets stickied.
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