Summon problem

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User Info: GradeABrassiere

9 years ago#1
Well i got Fusoya and enter the Giant Babel before talking to Yang's wife. Can i still get the Knife and Sylph summon?
La Brassiere

User Info: Deathlike2

9 years ago#2
You can still get the summon anytime by talking to one of the Sylphs past the Giant of Babil.

As for the knife, unfortunately no. You have to do that before getting FusoYa.

User Info: GradeABrassiere

9 years ago#3
Look like i am screwed. Is the Knife really worth it?
La Brassiere

User Info: 94067

9 years ago#4
Not really. It does 9999 auto damage, IIRC.

User Info: VeghEsther

9 years ago#5
Not really sure its a 1 time 9999 thrown weapon but eventually the buyable Fuma Shurikens can also deal 9999 per throw.

User Info: RedSwordMage

9 years ago#6
Yes, but Edge would have to be at a high level (Think 70's) to do that.... maybe High 60's.
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