Netbattle know-how: things that occur in battle (keep bumped, please)

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User Info: Asakura Yoh

Asakura Yoh
11 years ago#1
Okay, there are quite a few things one should know while building a folder. A few of them being, what defense is worthwhile now, how integral the NC is to your folder type, and so forth. And some of the terms are a bit obscure. So I'll do you all a favor and tell you some things to know while making those folders, kiddies.

Battle Terms and Occurences
Flinching: When Megaman is hit with a strong attack (Say, Sword), Megaman will cringe and blink invincible for three seconds. This time is useful, and as such, flinching is not something you want to do to your opponent.

Stunning: These chips will make Megaman cringe, but no blinking. Tornado, Airhockey, and so forth do this.

Paralyzing: They make Megaman blink yellow for about three or more seconds, and he is unable to move.

Area control: He who controls the area will control the battle. As such, you don't want your Area stolen, do you? This is why Areagrab is necessary in every single folder; you need to try to steal theirs, and protect your own. Protection can be accomplished by obstacles, but you also want to be on the offensive.

Omnishoes: Megaman can walk over cracked panels, and NO panels when he has Omnishoes. It's Floatshoes and Airshoes mixed, fun. This can be done through the NC, Falzar Out, or Hub.Bat (the chip)

Status Guard: Tomahawk Cross' ability to not be affected by confusion, paralysis, and the like.

Piercing: Go through Invis. Not to be confused with breaking, which breaks defense/swords. Examples: Judgeman, Sensor, Killerman.

Super Piercing: Not sure if it exists in this game, but "Super Piercing" chips go through absolutely everything save barriers. Guardian might be the only one that does this, as it's the only chip that super pierced in previous games, that super pierce now.

The Navi Cust
- Never forget, you have spaces OFF the grid. The Humor glitch and its FS are now out of date, since everyone uses Bugstop and the off grid spaces.

Shield, Reflect, and Antidmg:
Shield and Reflect suck, sadly. They can be broken, they don't stay out long, and they installed a lag time between shieldings of about one second; like Tengu Cross' lag time between fan. Reflect's damage is menial, and I'm quite sure it causes flinching. Bad. Antidmg is VERY good. It has the lag time, but will stop 90% of attacks. Only rapid fire attacks have a chance of making it screw up. But the most important note is that Crosses AND Beast Out negate all of these programs.

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User Info: Asakura Yoh

Asakura Yoh
11 years ago#2
The Custom Screen:
Obviously, we want to have a lot of chips in our custom screen. As such, Custom1, Custom2, and Chip Shuffle are basically staple programs to the NC. However, you don't always have to have them. Keep it in mind.

The Buster:
For God's sake, the buster is not a damned damage source. It is SUPPORT DAMAGE, ONLY. So do not stick in buster plus programs at the cost of custom or something else.

Defense, and how it changed in this game
Invis sucks now, people. There's far too much piercing in this game. Killerman and Judgeman come in *, Sensor does it, along with the dual-element damage of elec and breaking. Elecpulses go through it and give you status effects. In game defense only.

The new lord of defense; Antidmg will ONLY be activated by charged busters or chips. That means the peashooter won't set it off any more. This is actually a VERY viable source of defense, and goes great with Bodyguard.

Element Trap:
This chip will counter the base four elements of Fire, Aqua, Elec, and Wood. It hits the entire field, and you CAN dodge the enemy's attack after it is done. Not always, but it's a note. Now, Fire and Aqua's counter causes flinching. Wood counter does not. Elec counter PARALYZES. Keep this in mind. Whitepill CAN be attached to this, making every counter paralyze. Another very good defense.

Barriers will stop pesky super piercing chips, and probably piercing chips as well. However, they can only absorb so much damage. They can also be blown away by Tengu cross, or any wind type chip basically. Bar100 is a nice defense, but it comes in few codes. Lifeaura follows the same rules, but obviously has the aura power.
Every wakeful step, every mindful act is the direct path to awakening. Wherever you go, there you are.

User Info: Asakura Yoh

Asakura Yoh
11 years ago#3
Dual-Element Chips
Elements play a larger role than ever now that crosses are a part of the game. Some chips have a nifty power of having TWO elements. Here's a list of what I know so far.

Killerman: Breaking, Cursor
Sensor: Breaking, Elec
Tomahawkman: Sword, Wood
(Elem)Sword: (Elem), Sword

I can't think of much else, but it's all something to keep in mind. Elementman shuts out the elemental crosses, too.

Fstgauge, Fullcust, and you

With the advent of Beast Out, the custom gauge is more important than ever. The power of Beast Out is amazing; the auto aiming is great, and the effects are always helpful. As such, how long it can be used is something to think about in battle.

Fstgauge halves the normal 8:53 seconds a turn lasts, making Beast Out essentially three turns of 5 seconds. This lowers its utility quite a bit, because not a lot can be accomplished in that amount of time. It also makes your folder flow faster, which can be better or worse depnding on type. Some folders will benefit more from a slower gauge, such as poison/glitch type folders. Also remember that it's a very popular chip. There's a good chance your opponent has it presetted, so you might want to preset something else. If he doesn't, well, the battle goes the same now, doesn't it?

Fullcust is also a weapon. It can turn an entire turn of Beast Out into el zilcho. And that in itself is a savior. Fullcust, as always, is a great chip.

Anger Mode: Taking hits to give them back!

Unless netbattles make this different, Megaman has an anger mode when he receives enough damage. 300 and upwards will activate this mode. Anger mode essentially acts like full synchro, with a few key differences. One, memory serving, another hit will not end anger mode like it would full synch. However, anger mode has a time limit; synch does not. Sometimes you have to take hits to give hits, and this lets you give back the pain two fold.

Thrown attacks
Also note this: Thrown attacks are not to be relied on. Flashbomb, Vdoll, and so forth can be stepped under, entirely negating your strategy, and causing your opposing Megaman to flinch while taking small damage. Unless these are support by something, thrown attacks are very bad.
Every wakeful step, every mindful act is the direct path to awakening. Wherever you go, there you are.

User Info: xxsniperxx31

11 years ago#4
Nice. I'll keep this bumped every time I come on Gamfaqs fo sho.
Completely Finished:MMBN 6:Cybeast Falzar and Sonic Advance 3.

User Info: SuperSonic01

11 years ago#5
Really nice job. BUMP because this help make folders better and just might lower the amount of people who make "rate my folder" topics with alphabet soup folders.
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User Info: SilverSora_06

11 years ago#6
STICKY! appear to have an anger problem, throwing your keyblade like that.

User Info: xxsniperxx31

11 years ago#7
Completely Finished:MMBN 6:Cybeast Falzar

User Info: Latoma

11 years ago#8
Megamans sticky word song

S is for sticking around.
T is for tantalizing data
I is for intelligent
C is for just plain cool
K is to keep this around
Y is for yay!

...someone deinstall this Humor NCP from me...please!

User Info: xyzero28

11 years ago#9
Wow, very nice, this will be highly appreciated. =D

User Info: ToFuG0d

11 years ago#10
awsome!! bumpitybump
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