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8 years ago#1
Hello all, new to the gamefaqs community.
So I was wondering how I use the SAVE files provided here.
I asked around ALOT of places, and a pro hacker from YouTube.
He said Tools > Import > Gameshark snapshot.
I tried, and then i pressed enter (start) to open up to the New Game / Continue file.

All it said was new game!?.

I do not understand how I am supposed to activate the save file, because I am thouroghly confused on what was supposed to happen.

Was it supposed to say "Continue" and leave me at the area specified in the save description?

If anyone can help me, a spark of gratitude will grow...

Also, if you want my AIM...

Thanks again :]

User Info: EchoPhoenix

8 years ago#2
Which file are you trying to use? Try using a different one, because sometimes people upload a blank file as a joke, or it didn't transfer properly to your computer.


8 years ago#3
I tried both of the english version ones.
Neither of them work.

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