Easy way to get BUG FRAGS?

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User Info: Gutsman0X

9 years ago#1
In MMBN3 you could easly get Bug Frags by doing the simon says minigame in the undernet, is there anything like this in this game?

User Info: Megaloshi

9 years ago#2
IIRC, Virus Battler 3

User Info: Mr_Gamer_III

9 years ago#3
definitely virus battler 3,, the one in green punisher chair comp. i'll tell you a good strategy to use to destroy the 5 batles easy.

Battle 1 - oldstov in the center, catack right in front of it
Battle 2 - ErthDrgn anywhere, Quaker behind the rock
Battle 3 - ErthDrgn anywhere. All you need. Thats it
Battle 4 - ErthDrgn anywhere. All you need again
Battle 5 - Same exact thing as battle one, except put the OldStov behind the hole on the top row

When you win you either get 1500 zennys or 6 bugfrags. Repeat however many times needed. =D good luck

User Info: Bass_FBX

9 years ago#4
Level 3: [LVL3]
Location: Punishment Chair in the Green Town courthouse,
Opponent: Orange Mr. Prog down and to the left of the Jack-In Point
# of Rounds: 5
ROund 1
Strategy: First of all, Fire type viruses like OldStov and Hntd Cndl are
perfect for these battles. If you want to get this round out of the way early,
though, back up our old friend StarFish with some new Green viruses. Double
team HonyBmbr with StarFish in the back row and Armadill in the front.
HonyBmbr has a nasty counter attack, but Armadill is immune to it while rolled
in a ball.

Round 2
Strategy: Shrubby spends most of its time in the lower left corner of its area,
hiding behind your stone. If you occupy it with a virus of viruses doing the
same, it keeps attacking them, and just hitting the stone. Double team him
with a Gunner and a Puffy on the same row as him for a flawless victory.

Round 3
Strategy: BombCorn moves in a straight line, giving OldStov the potential for
multiple hits, and making it so StarFish and Armadill literally can't miss.

Round 4
Strategy: Another BombCorn, another good opportunity for OldStov, Armadil, and
StarFish. Double team BombCorn with StarFish and OldStov/Armadill for best

Round 5
Strategy: Final battle. Another BombCorn, another chance for StarFish. Add in
an Armadill of your own, and he'll roll out another victory.

BugFix * (1st Win)
6 Bug Frags
1500 Zenny
You just need to post if you don't know the answer. The end is near.

User Info: Gutsman0X

9 years ago#5
Sorry if this sounds noob or if this can be answered via FAQs but what's a virus battler and how do you get it?

User Info: Megaloshi

9 years ago#6
...have you completed the game yet?

User Info: Bass_FBX

9 years ago#7
Any time after you receive your second Cross, jack into the blackboard in
class 1-2 at School. There you will find a red Punk Navi. Pay him 2000
Zenny to receive your Virus Battle Card and two viruses, Mettaur and Gunner.
Now you can start collecting viruses.
You just need to post if you don't know the answer. The end is near.

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