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.hack//G.U. vol.3//Redemption BOARD FAQ - READ HERE FIRST - Please Sticky
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continuity of .hack is terrible but I love these games.XxCrimsonZeroxX411/17 2:05PM
Corbenik 2ndDiguiseppimon211/12 9:27PM
are you getting .hack gu on the ps4cyan1001411/10 2:57AM
Best status ailment?The Orange Cow210/9 6:02PM
The gu series is getting remade for the ps4 and pc!
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 ]
leeman3104436/27 9:24AM
Is this game worth the cost?crazyisgood56/24 9:42AM
I love the .hack GU series. I'm streaming part 3 today live!BigReed16/5/2016
if you could take 1 character from the previous gamecyan100145/21/2016
The ending in both English and Japanese //GU v3 ** SPOILERS **paulo_yamato812/28/2015
Dual guns: little skills!mmx417/13/2015
ok so i just read the wall of text by chrdragon and i have a questiondavood11146/30/2015
I'll miss you guys.Ryo_the_Inferno23/31/2015
i few more things i found out that adds more to it!SPOILER beawarechrdragon23/30/2015
goodbye, dark spirit of death and feartreos2111/11/2014
What's the best way of Leveling skills for characters?knightblazer85311/6/2014
Long live the King - The Best Game ever created at that timenanerBR111/2/2014
Is there any way to avoid encountering the chaotic PKs in these games?knightblazer85110/21/2014
Getting keywords from story and quest areasknightblazer8519/27/2014
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