Guild Rank 10.

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User Info: Fatman_619

7 years ago#1
I read that it was possible to get guild rank 10 but I don't believe it because you need to get all characters but I can't get Sirius and Taihaku.

My WP is 9,999 and I invited Alkaid and went to Icolo but nothing happened.

I've also tried to get everyone else but nothing happens when I go to the places that's required to get them.

So I don't believe that you can even get them and I also don't believe that you can get your guild rank to 10.

User Info: Leon481

7 years ago#2
That rumor is still going around? No, you can't get rank 10.

There were a few joke topics a long time ago that gave very believable, but false methods to get characters and the guild to rank 10. The board regulars all knew it was a joke, but a lot of newbies saw it and assumed it was real. No one bothered to correct them because it was amusing at the time.

User Info: Fatman_619

7 years ago#3
Alright thank you very much.

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