Assassins Creed Maps with Pictures & Descriptions

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User Info: fire5torm517

9 years ago#1

I'm working on having pictures for all the flags in Assassins Creed. So far I've completed Masyaf, All Jerusalem Flags and Acre Poor District.

The maps are interactive so when you put your mouse across the Dot on the map the picture will pop up with a description.

I'd appreciate it if you guys could check it out and let me know what you think, and any suggestions you might have.

I didn't create the actual map pictures.

I made this on the Xbox360 but it should work with the PS3 no proble. Please let me know.

User Info: ronnieronb73

9 years ago#2
Good work man! I wish I could get my money back from that crappy Prima Games Guide. I give you much "props".

User Info: fhaddad187

9 years ago#3
awesome man! very good work!

User Info: s0nlxaftrsh0ck

9 years ago#4 plutonic way of course =D but seriousl thank you honestly for sharing the guide ^_^. That's just amazingly awesome man thank you again!

User Info: TopShelfSkeezer

9 years ago#5
well done.. top quality.. cant wait for the kingdom map to help me finsih the game

User Info: iidalv

9 years ago#6
I used these scans of what look like prima scans:

and I haven't had any problems finding any of the flags. I just look where it is in comparison to the in-game map, then I set the marker there and follow the marker on the HUD, then look up, down, sideways and underneath until I find it. Then I use paintshop to put a little blue mark on the flag I just found, so that I don't go looking for the same flags again.
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User Info: iidalv

9 years ago#7
I went to your jerusalem middle and when I pointed to red dots near the edge of the map, the pictures pop up half-way on and half-way off the side of the screen, so I can't see the whole picture. I'm telling you in case you haven't noticed that yet.
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User Info: Krazyfoxx

9 years ago#8
That's very cool. Excellent job!
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User Info: YeahYeahYouWere

9 years ago#9
Mon Dieu, c'est magnifique!
Oh, Wendy Peffercorn, my darling lover girl!

User Info: bmanva

9 years ago#10
You, sir, are the MAN!! And it's interactive too, sooo much better than anything available right now. Thanks.
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