I knew this game performed poorly on PS3, but... (audio issues)

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  3. I knew this game performed poorly on PS3, but... (audio issues)

User Info: Deaddster

8 years ago#1
I rented this game about a year ago, I downloaded the patch and then played through it. There was a ton of screen tearing and pop in, and some severe slowdown, but that was about it. I just bought the game for $5 and am getting this thing where sound effects are delayed during fights. I don't remember this happening when I rented it. Sometimes I'll hack into a guy and 3-4 seconds later I hear the sound effect for it. Or the game will have some music going and then the music will cut out in order to play a sound effect, like the game can't handle playing 2 things at once, and then the music will stutter and then start playing again. Has anyone else experienced this? I'm not using any fancy settings, just running it from HDMI to my TV, but I did switch the frequency to 48khz in the XMB a few months ago. Wonder if that could be a factor.

User Info: Ruto777

8 years ago#2
You bought this game for $5; you seriously thought nothing would be wrong with it???
The game usually costs $20!
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User Info: nakedsnake07

8 years ago#3

User Info: Yinzer21

8 years ago#4

I just played this for the first time and that kind of crap happened to me all the time. Not only was it a pretty lame game, it was super glitchy. I make a conscious effort to stay away from anything Ubisoft makes.

User Info: cmburch

8 years ago#5

I am playing this game now. I purchased the Greatest hits version last week from GameStop.It performs very well on the new PS3. It has froze twice so far whilejumping between buildings.Thegraphics are excellenton HDTV. I will try to see if there are any patches for this "newer" Greatest Hits version. One problem that I did notice that is very aggravating is during fights the combo controller buttons do not seem to fuction well. While in the practice training the combo button attacks and defencework perfectly. I think I am on the final assassination now, but have died several times because of the controller buttons not working like in the practice sessions.

User Info: ARTICWOLF7138

8 years ago#6
I owned this since it came out, played it half way through before betting bored, but no glitches.
I picked up the game again after renting 2, I wanted to finish this before getting the second game for Christmas.
I have see no glitches and only froze once or twice. I think it's you PS3 and not the game
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User Info: squall211

8 years ago#7
I got the game for $10 off Amazon, and I started playing it this past Sunday. I've only had one instance of glitchiness in the game that forced me to reset. Other than that, I've had 0 problems with the game, although I'm looking forward to finishing it, since the repetition is a bit much.

User Info: ShyOx

8 years ago#8
Just quit whining and get 2, it's only frozen once and my PS3 never slows for more than an instant.
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  3. I knew this game performed poorly on PS3, but... (audio issues)

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