Ending of the Game. *Spoilers*

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User Info: sakuberry

9 years ago#1

I don't really understand the ending.

Brown was illed, but he comes back at the end of the game to 'help' Jennifer.

I don't know it it would be easy to explain, but I'd just like something to explain the ending a bit.

Brown's death, the gun, what happens to Wendy.

Things like that, please?

User Info: sakuberry

9 years ago#2
Also, a bit of a stupid question.. What can I do with ribbons, marbles, and socks and all those things?

User Info: Rodan_Master

9 years ago#3
You can put the ribbons/socks etc... in the gift box on the door to the aristocrat club in exchange for healing items

Well for plot info probably the best place to go is Ruleofrosemysteries.com
It's an ROR plot theory blog with a lot of info.
I'll try to explain anyways though....
Basically the whole game is a dream showing Jennifer's past. Now obviously a lot of events don't perfectly depict reality. Obviously the orphans were never really on an airship (though they did imagine they were and that's where it comes from in the dream. The airship is actually the old mansion rearanged a lot). Jennifer either doesn't correctly remember some things or just changes some things in her mind. Obviously all of the boss fights never happened (The fight against Hoffman for example represents him scolding her as depicted in his diary... they never literally fought). Obviously there's no way that Jennifer would be able to fight a huge man like Gregory. As for Brown popping up.... Well he actually was dead by this point (Jennifer had to offer him as the gift of the month to replace herself as the gift), but I guess he comes again in the dream. There's some signifiicance to this but I'm not really sure what (maybe he's helping Jennifer fully remember everything.) As for Wendy, she like all the other orphans was killed by Gregory (she dies after taking off the wig and Gregory see that she's not really Joshua). From what i've learned and read, Wendy had been disguising herself as Gregory's deceased son, Joshua, for some time and training him like a dog. She'd also been spreading rumors of the "Stray Dog" that kidnapped children. Apparenly when she was deposed as the princess of the red rose (in the scene where Jennifer is slapping Wendy at the end of the lying princess level), this probably brought her over the edge and she brought Gregory to kill everyone.
Now before I try to explain more about the ending, which one did you get (did you kill Gregory by *equipting* a weapon or did you *use* instead)

I've only got the good ending (by *using*) so if you got the other one and killed Gregory by shooting him or whatever don't read on
When Gregory goes into his "I'm sorry Joshua" pose, he holds his hands out and you give him the pistol, and he then shoots himself in the head. (This is the true ending as confirmed by a file in the game). The next level, Once Upon A Time, depicts the day where Jennifer found Brown in the old shed near the mansion.

Not sure what else to write but hope this helped

User Info: sakuberry

9 years ago#4

Haha, yeah thanks.I definatly missed the "give Gregory the gun" and I killed him with my ax..Now that I beat it the correct way it makes a little more since. And thank you again, i went through the whole game having no idea how to trade those marbles and things~

User Info: sbn4

9 years ago#5
can someone explain the ending part for me? the part where jennifer locks puppy brown in the shed?

i'm guessing after the dream, jennifer decided to tie brown in the shed and lock the door so he doesn't get killed like he did in her dream right? i'm guessing that's why the game ends with a "i'll protect you forever and ever. until the day i die."
"No man should have to fight any war but his own."

User Info: PokerNemesis

9 years ago#6

sbn4 posted...
can someone explain the ending part for me? the part where jennifer locks puppy brown in the shed?

I give my interpretation of that scene in my blog-post of April 23, 2008:

Comparing Endings: "El Orfanato" ("The Orphanage") and "Rule of Rose" (warning, movie spoilers!)

at http://ruleofrosemysteries.com

But if you haven't watched "The Orphanage" already, you will be getting movie spoilers.

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