ok i love the game but.....

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  3. ok i love the game but.....

User Info: agonzalez0880

6 years ago#1
how come i only see like five of the same cars everywhere f-150,neon,caddy,audi, and
charger when are the rest of the cars coming out in the city?
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User Info: Changlini

6 years ago#2
I think it is something to do with rarity.
Luck also comes into play with the rarer cars but, you'll get to see em' after a good ten minutes of exploring or more..

Like for example, I've just found my first Lamborghini Diablo well into chapter three.
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User Info: Amitty

6 years ago#3

I definately thought the same up until I hit chapter 2 and 3, before then it was all neons, chargers, and that one alfa all the time. Just continue along and others will come!

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  2. Driver: San Francisco
  3. ok i love the game but.....

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