Missing one templar?

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User Info: maxrebo6

7 years ago#1
I have killed 59\60 templars and check the cities and the kingdom twice and can't not find this one templar.I am sure he is in the kingdom because I know I haven't missed any of them in the city and I am up to memory block 6.So I have access and have done every district in all the cities.Can anyone help me get this last templar so I can move onto AC 2.

User Info: Fistmodes

7 years ago#2
I am in teh same situation. I followed the interactive maps that so many suggsted to use in previous flag/tamplar topics. And I know of one templar in the Kingdom that the maker of said maps mentions can 'disappear' off the map, but reappear later. Maybe that is the one you are missing, but for me, it is not as I marked that particualr one down on a sheet of paper along with all the others as one I have already killed.
I also have replayed each of the memory blocks and no templars are present where they should be (either according to the guide or the website).

Unfortuantely, I don't think many could help here since its simply to hard to pinpoint an exact location for something like this. Outside of triple checking the memory blocks and the kingdom, I have no clue where this one elusive templar is. I can give you the website address if you like, but since I have been moderated before for linking similar game related sites, I won't post it...just send me a message to my gamertag.
Gamertag: Capn Cthulhu
PSN Tag: CapnCthulhu
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