Favorite assassination

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User Info: dcc76

4 years ago#1
Just started playing this on 360 after having played two thirds of the way through on PS3 (I'm ok with that because I'm damn certain I missed some stuff in the Desmond sequences) but anyway...

I was going through the Garnier assassination and I used the scholars (once unsuccessfully because one of the crazies got in the way but I was able to blend back into the scholars in time before I was noticed by the good doctor) and was able to pick him off in true Assassin style. It was easily the most fun experience I had with an assassination.

What was your favorite assassination (or moment in the game (spoiler free please)

side note: another favorite moment of mine was strolling into an enemy encampment FILLED with enemy soldiers. Eight guards in one cluster and I was able to pick all of them off one by one with the hidden blade not once being detected. The rest of the encampment had several long drawn out battles with MANY opponents. In the aftermath climbing one of the guards' watchtowers and seeing the carnage left in my wake was truly awesome. Very little like it. Thank you for indulging me this vent of fun.
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User Info: stabguy

4 years ago#2
My favorite assassination target is William de Montferrat. This was the mission shown at early Ubisoft demos and the extra development time really shows. It's a well designed assassination with lots of room for player creativity, beginning with how you choose to infiltrate the Citadel.
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User Info: ZeAtomicBanana

4 years ago#3
Kind of embarassed as I don't remember his name. S something. The last assassination in Acre, on the boat. The only stealth assassination I was able to do this game.
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