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User Info: roladpf

4 years ago#1
This game truly is amazing. Reading the posts here are very insightful to know what the general consensus is towards AC1. I guess most players who come back to it find it to have 'clunky' controls, and the repetitive gaming among other odd behaviors.

I began this game last year on the PC. Didn't care about the 'hype' over the various games, and still don't (Not interested in AC III). It started when I failed miserably at the tutorial section and had no idea how to 'gently push by' the pot movers. So I just quit, and went to play AC II Brotherhood (I know, I skipped a bunch of story... but it helped me get into the games. I didn't feel very confused.). After finishing brotherhood quickly, I skipped back to ACI giving it another shot (I didn't like Ezio very much) and enjoyed it a lot but busy things occurred and could not finish it.

Then I received AC1 as a gift this Christmas for Xbox (As well as Bloodlines).

I realized something about this game when I decided to really 'play it through'. That is, truly immersing yourself into this game, kind of like roleplaying it. Collecting all flags, saving citizens, climbing the viewpoints.
Pickpocketing various people for information, checking your back to see if there are guards watching, walking... It gives a form of excitement, as if you are the assassin. I then found out about the 'memory log'. I can read about Altair's thoughts on the information he acquires. I get a map with the guards so I can make an easier escape from assassinating a target. Today, that moment in which I assassinated Majd Addin by blending with the scholars and his back turned, was amazing.
The game has a lot of depth in it.

I'll address the subject of the repetitive nature of this game.
Do I think it's repetitive? I thought it was a little bit (I’m used to repetitive games since I enjoy RPG games), until I found a way to play the game in which it wasn't going to be repetitive. We all have different play styles. But I think some people who complain about its repetitive nature, are perhaps just trying to breeze through it. Try roleplaying it; feel like you're the assassin. Read the memory logs, the messages on the laptop, complete all investigations instead of just 3... If you jump into the game thinking it'll be repetitive, then it will. But if people change their mindset, it would fare differently?

User Info: roladpf

4 years ago#2
A lot of people complain about the mentally challenged NPCs deterring you, or the pot holders, or just the NPCs. But they were put there for a reason, to give some challenge to the players. Make you think.

(running from guards), "Oh, damn, there's a crazy NPC right there... I'm going to run into him... Jump into him for him to lose his balance, or quickly grab onto a ledge?"
It's quick thinking.
I can say for Brotherhood, I can't recall I 'thought' about things much, it felt like an easy breeze type of game.

Now about the controls. It adds to the challenge and frustration to the player. You want Altair to grab the ladder when escaping, but he doesn’t and now he’s surrounded and so on and on...
Still, it’s not hindering on the gameplay itself. It isn’t terrible.

The game tells you to be stealthy. You can be reckless but that takes the fun out of this STEALTH game. But many players today want ‘quick and easy’. Don’t take your time checking the area, just go head in.
Gamers are subjected to the 'fast and easy' mentality. Spoon feed as much as possible, leaving little imagination and thought to the player. And, on another note but which I will not dwell on, video games have come to be the 'flavor of the month' in a way. Beat this game (quickly as possible), then jump onto the next one. DLC's come, to ignite a smaller fire for a game so people keep playing, but then, most move on.

Another thing, is the setting in which this game takes place. How often do you see the middle east (Especially OLDER time) in video games? Not a lot. There are many feudal Japanese era games, Chinese dynasty type games, or a plethora of fantasy, medieval time games, but seemingly a small percentage of ancient, or very old era middle eastern history esque games.

Lastly, this game isn't old, but it seems like reading on here, people think its worthy of being a decade old...

This game is great and I will definitely finish it.
Discuss your thoughts if you’ll like.

User Info: KamSke

4 years ago#3
Great post buddy.

I loved this game, got it back when it 1st came out and I pretty much did rush thru it and completed the story.. Have just gone back to it to get a few more achievements (not sure if I will 1000/1000 it) and I have no problems with the controls, or the graphics. Yes the beggers and mental npc are annoying but they add to the game like u mentioned.

The repetitive nature of the game, come on which game isn't repetitive and in the end every game is repetitive even if its a different game. All games consist of going from point a to b or kill target or collect thing.
Xbox GT: KamskeOfPeno

User Info: fooarmy

4 years ago#4
I totally agree with everything you said.

While ACII is easily the best in the series, AC is without a dobut my favourite - for many reason of which I'm too tired to go into.

I always role-play with this game, it's so awesome.

Have you ever tried playing with the HUD all turned off? Having a screen that's totally focused on the memory. You have to remember alleyways and buildings, landmarks etc to know where you're going. You have to try and find the information using the Rafik's advice, find citizen's by hearing their cries.

GT: Granty2k10
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