Jerusalem flags

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User Info: RoboFish_1313

4 years ago#1
Ok used and had found 99. Used youtube and went to all locations but no "missed" flags. Heard that if you do a high points or save citizen side mission it could trigger the flag, but I've already done them all. Any ideas or am I going to have to start a new game?
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ParanoidObsessive 4 years ago#2
I seem to be having the same problem in Acre's middle district. Used the maps to find every flag, but for some reason I'm only showing 32/33. Went back and used the maps to check every single location on the off-chance that I'd missed one, yet there are no flags in any of those places.

I'm assuming that I probably got one of the flags while something else was happening so it didn't "count" in spite of being removed from the map. Wouldn't be the only glitch I've experienced so far.

I'm hoping that if I save out and finish the mission/memory block, I can come back to it later and check every spot, and hopefully a flag will pop up that wasn't there before. Not much else I can do at this point.
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User Info: stabguy

4 years ago#3
FYI, RoboFish also posted his question on The Hidden Blade where I helped him find his last flag. No glitch. He was simply looking in the wrong place for flag 14:

Chances are that you can find your last flag in Acre Middle. The best way to be certain that you're looking in all the right places is to play along with the video below the map here:

The video is only 10 minutes long (to collect 33 flags and 3 Templars). Pause whenever you're unable to keep up.
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ParanoidObsessive 4 years ago#4
That did help - thanks!

Apparently, my problem was that, when checking off boxes on the assassinscreed-maps site, I'd mistakenly checked off #28 ("At the end of a short alley, next to a ladder") instead of #25 ("In a small alley, close to a ladder"). So my list was showing me I still needed #25 and had #28, when I actually had #25 and still needed #28.

I would have found it eventually (I was planning to re-check every flag site around the city one more time), but the video definitely helped (and the fact that it started from #32 and worked backwards means I found it after only about a minute).

The real problem is that, while missing flags can easily be a case of just having missed one, there are enough legitimate glitches in the game (like disappearing/reappearing Templars in the Kingdom or falling through a wall into voidspace and getting achievements that you didn't actually earn) that it becomes a plausible possibility that a flag just failed to spawn. And you'll never really be able to tell until after double-checking every area and seeing where (and if) the flag you're missing turns up.
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