Lorik Morality Glitch

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User Info: insaneblissx

7 years ago#1

I am currently on Noveria and I accidently came across the infinite morality glitch when I spoke to Lorik a second time. I used the glitch to have 75% paragon and renegade. I haven't saved the game yet as I had then read that it may cause save file corruption and problems with ME2.

Has anyone personally experienced problems with the glitch or know how likely it actually is to cause problems?

User Info: insaneblissx

7 years ago#2

I have seen other topics about this and it seems to be a split argument whether this actually causes problems so I'm mostly only interested in hearing from people who have used it so it's solid fact that it does or does not mess up ME2.

User Info: Sentana

7 years ago#3
I've had no problems and I've used the glitch for most of my playthroughs if it's available to me. Note I've been playing this game when it first came out. I just like to go back into ME1 to try a different approach to ME2.

User Info: RedBaron2000

7 years ago#4
I've done it without noticing problems in ME2
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User Info: Inxentas

7 years ago#5
I have tested this. You might know (or not know) that ME1 keeps track of points even after your bars have been filled up. The bars simply won't show that progress. Now, when you import to Mass Effect 2, the number of Paragon / Renegade points is checked against their maximum: if it is higher, you will simply get the maximum import value in ME2. I believe it's 190 points.

I had a character which I glitched up to 100% of each (Paragon / Renegade) using the Lorik Quinn and Pyjak glitches. I accumulated morality points afterwards as normal, though the bars just represented the maximum. When I imported to ME2, I recieved 190 points of each type.

In short: The only consequence is starting out with a max bonus in each bar, which actually makes your ME2 game more flexible in the morality department. With ME2's rigid point system, I'd even say the glitch works in your advantage, however small that advantage may be.
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