Feros Elevator Glitch. HELP

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User Info: ChaosAK47

9 years ago#1

Stuck in the elevator on Feros. Anybody had this happen/know how to fix it?

The autosave puts me back in the elevator and my save file was in an elevator, no past saves:cry:

Never save in an elevator BTW

User Info: Gr1mSleeper

9 years ago#2
i didnt even know you COULD save in an elevator. i tried a few times but it wouldnt let me. the only glitch i ever had with this game was on noveria. i went to one of the trams and it wasnt there! seriously, thankfully i had a save right before so i just loaded it up and it was there but it made me upset because i had to beat benezia (on insane).
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User Info: hydrallus

9 years ago#3
well looks like i'm buggered! Yeah, get to do the tunnels a third time!
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User Info: hydrallus

9 years ago#4
sorry, but bump so you know never ever ever save in the elevators here (or probably not anywhere).
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User Info: Avenger1324

9 years ago#5

I know this is a Feros thread, but I had a weird elevator glitch happen on Noveria.

When escaping from the hotlabs you start the countdown and have to fight across a room to an elevator. that elevator was being weird and on the first 3 attempts it either didn't load at all, or only came down halfway so I couldn't get in it.

Before you trigger the countdown make sure you make a save in case you have to reload. It wasn't much before that you encounter Benezia, and you wouldn't want to go through all that again unnecessarily!!

User Info: luke2460

9 years ago#6
ive run into a few glitches that force u to load a previous save....

on this rachni planet (not novaria) there was this pit and i stood near the edge and my character fell in and couldnt move...

there was this other one in a mine cave (the one with tons of husks) there was this kinda tree thing with a glowing orb...like a bug i was attracteed to this glowing orbb and got stuck between the tree trunk and a rock...

i dont like them but i deal with them by saving lots...especially on sidequest planets as they seem to b most glitchy and u never know when a random thresher maw will spawn underneath u causing a OHKO

User Info: Cresset

9 years ago#7
That's why I always put autosave on off on every game that allows it, or at least maintain more than one save. It happened all too often in the past, so now I take preventive measures.
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User Info: hydrallus

9 years ago#8
lol @ the orb attracting you like a moth to flame.
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