I can't beat the Rogue VI mission.

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User Info: headster04

9 years ago#1
Yeah, I just can't beat it. I easily defeated the turrets outside the bunkers, and the VI drones inside the first two bunkers, but I die in seconds when I enter the third bunker. I really cannot beat it. I don't want any comments saying "liek maybe if u r bettar than u cud lol i beet it in liek 5 seconds heh lol", although I know they're coming. I really don't think the average person could beat this mission in a method that's actually taught to the player in the game. When I searched for topics related to this mission, I found that people sent a tech character into the room where the drones reside, ordered him or her to use hacking, then retreated, but really, how would you know to do that?

User Info: khrulez

9 years ago#2
That sidequest's difficult..
I always beat it by staying in the hallway, so that when things are starting to look bad, I can close the door and run/use medigel.
Bringing a tech character is a good idea. Other than that, I guess you'll just have to be patient.
What's your level? Maybe you should level up a bit before doing that sidequest.

Also, by staying at the door, you'll avoid getting pounded by all of them at once. Some of them won't notice you, so you'll only have to fight a few.
Actually...you can think of Pong as a dirty game...I mean the ultimate goal is to get the ball in between.... ~Zako_Soldier

User Info: Lykos13th

9 years ago#3
Odd, I've never had trouble with that one. Maybe your party build is bad? What difficulty are you on? Just food for thought.

User Info: SeekerOfPastHor

9 years ago#4
It's playing dirty, but you can always exit these bases, and the drones can't follow you out. Once inside, the drones return to their original position, and the drones you already destroyed don't respawn.

User Info: Avenger1324

9 years ago#5

I suppose the difficulty is linked to what characters you are using, what level you are, and what equipment you are using. I did this mission just the other day and didn't have much trouble with it.

As mentioned above a good tactic for these indoor base missions is to keep in the corridor. If you walk into the large room they can attack you from all sides, but by retreating back down a corridor and luring them towards you, they have to bunch together to get a shot at you. Then you can use whatever weapon you have to spray down the corridor with virtually every round hitting, even on weapons you have little training on.

I'm using an Infiltrator (weapons - pistol & sniper), and tend to leave my party at the entrance end of the tunnel to the main room. I then go forward until I can open the door, then step back. If nothing comes through, edge forward along the left edge to spot an enemy. Launch an attack like Overload on it, then go back down the corridor to Tali and Wrex. Several enemies come through, blast them, then go into the main room to mop up whats left.

If this is the base with the rocket firing unit use lots of cover to get close, and if you see a rocket incoming - move fast!!

User Info: jameswolfenstie

9 years ago#6
On my first play through on the Normal difficulty (as a Soldier), I really didn't have much trouble with this sidequest. The Rockets Drones only came part way down the corridor and just stayed there so I could pick them off with just Shephard ... firing when they weren't.

When I played it again on Veteran (as an Adept), they were out for blood. The moment I opened the door, ALL of them hauled ass down the corridor into the room I was in and sprayed missiles everywhere and I kept dying in seconds.

My Adept's Biotics were next to worthless, Ashley's Assault Rifle proficiency and immunity was equally useless. Garrus seemed to be the savior in that situation for me. I had Garrus use Sabotage once, and I swear it destroyed half the drones or it sure seemed that way. I dunno for sure, because opening that door was like disturbing a bee hive when the bees are packing rocket launchers. I would usually die in about 2 seconds once those things swarmed. They were swarming after me, Garrus used Sabotage, and the barrage of infinite death missiles never came.

So, try Sabotage.

User Info: F_4_FAD

9 years ago#7
I had trouble with this on my hardcore play through. I eventually put my party just inside the hallway, I ran down, opened the door, shot off a few shots, then ran back and threw a grenade before I ran out of sight, letting my two teammates take a lot of them out. I think the grenade must have killed the rocket drones.


User Info: Kwom_Masbag

9 years ago#8
Yeah, on my hardcore playthrough I was having trouble with this mission too. I was an engineer (bonus talent: assault rifle), about level 23, and my two teammates were Ashley and Kaiden. I was getting ready to just shut the game off, but then I came up with a pretty good idea: I would open up the hallway doors, run out into the room just long enough for them to spot me, then I would run back into the room I came from and around the corner from the door. I stationed Ashley and Kaiden, pretty much, right in front of the doorway, healing them when I was able (for some reason the drones would only go about halfway into the hallway and not go any further). When both my teammates died, I would peek around the corner shoot them up a bit, throw a grenade or two, and unload on them with my tech abilities (it didn't matter to me if it affected them or not, just as long as it did some damage). This isn't the most time effective strategy (it took me about thirty minutes to clear out the last one, which was the only one I had actually had trouble with), but it will work. Good luck.

User Info: Finnegan

9 years ago#9
This and the Benezia fight are definitely the hardest parts of the game, especially your first time through.

Kwom summed up my strategy nicely. :) I use the hallways as chokepoints, and don't be afraid to run back outside if you really need a minute to regroup! The robots won't respawn, so, if you're really having trouble, you can use this as a means to heal up easily before heading back in. Also, AI Hacking is incredibly useful here. Just make sure you hack the rocket dones!

User Info: grand_commander

9 years ago#10
How would an experienced marine know to send a tech-savvy operative forward to temporarily gain control of one of the robotic enemies he has been informed are there? o_O RP-wise, it would just make sense...

Anyway, I just finished this mission with a brand new Engineer on Insanity. I decided to take a different track then I am for most of my missions: usually I use Wrex and Ashley, but this time I decided to load up on tech and brind Garrus and Tali. Worked like a charm. Charge in, hack the first bot I see, run back into the entry room, and wait for the bots to clump up and start headed down the hall. We all start dropping Sabotage and Overload like mad, gun the suckers down. Nobody got knocked out because I don't think the bots ever had usage of their weapons... Sabotage and Overload are AoE, and the bots will bunch together to get into the hallway to come after you. Once their weapons are disabled, it's just a slaughter.

Obviously it helps this strategy a lot of your character is one of the tech classes. But regardless, bringing along Tali and either Garrus or Kaiden will give you some serious pain to throw at those bots.
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