How do you kill the Thresher Maw?

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User Info: Big D2

Big D2
8 years ago#1
I'm stuck on the planet where you find the distress beacon, early in the game. This thresher maw thing is just impossible to kill. I've died about 10 times now against it.

It keeps hitting me with acid, because when I try to drive away from it, my Mako is very slow to respond. The damn thing handles like a shopping cart. If the acid attacks don't kill me, then it'll just pop up from an unexpected spot right under me...again, when I'm trying to get the Mako to move, and it just turns and reverses all over the place.

Plus, I don't have any omni-gel...How do you get more omni-gel, and how do you do it without depleting your weapons supply too much?

User Info: Mr_Collins

8 years ago#2
If you're early level, as seems to be the case, there's not much you can do about your lack of omni-gel. Just keep completing missions and eventually you'll have too much.

As for the Thresher, never stop moving - this should limit the insta-deaths from pop-up. Strafe the Thresher from a medium distance and you'll be fine. A lot of people have found a spot right at the edge of your targetting distance where the Thresher will actually stay above ground and just launch easily dodged poison spit at you. I personally have never found it, but you're welcome to try. I use the constant strafing tactics. Fighting threshers is actually the best way to improve your mako skills.

User Info: SteveGCB

8 years ago#3
It sounds to me like your main problem is you haven't got used to controlling the Mako. There is little you can do about the thresher maw popping up from the ground directly beneath. The best thing to do is be constantly on the move, driving round in a wide circle works well. The moment you hear the thresher maw pop-op, check your radar and turn to face it. Usually, when it first pops up, it won't be looking directly at you, this is a good time to let off a cannon shot. Until you get used to controlling the mako, stick to the gun at any other time and just get used to lining up your shot to the target on the maw. You can tell when the maw begins to spit at you, so when you have the hang of the mako controls, you should be safe to use the cannon more often, when you see it about to spit, just move to the left or right.

I think you can pick-up omni-gel at random times from completing anything that generates XP, not entirely sure. I would recommend converting any unrequired level 1 or 2 item into omni-gel, as they really aren't worth enough money to sell and you can only carry upto 150 items.
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User Info: Big D2

Big D2
8 years ago#4
Well, I just died again, after getting so close to killing the thing...

The problem seems to be quickly driving the Mako away after targeting and shooting with the LT button. When I go out of targeting mode, I seem to have trouble getting the Mako to move without turning and reversing everywhere when I'm trying to go straight. I can survive longer if I move and shoot with the cannon without going into targeting mode, but that seems to hurt my accuracy.

What's the best way to target this thing without opening yourself up to attack?

User Info: grand_commander

8 years ago#5
The simplest way to kill them is to get at a good range (one where it won't feel compelled to go underground again) and keep hammering it with both your weapons while using your jump jets to jump over the acid it spits at you (the acid has funny hit detection, so watch your timing). Or you can dismount from the Mako and just keep running around it in a circle shooting at it. It will die. Eventually.

User Info: bremen

8 years ago#6
Basically get to a safe distance away from it's melee attack and position your car so that you are horizontally aligned to it. Like this:

O = Thresher
| = Car

Do this:
O |

Not this:
O ---

And then wait for it to spit, when it spits, simply push left or right to quickly drive left or right, then move back to your original spot and shoot it with the cannon. Repeat until dead.

Sometimes he is finicky about going back under the ground a lot, if he does that, just keep trying until you get to that sweet spot and do what I say above. If you are patient, you can kill him without ever getting touched.

If you are not patient, expect to die a lot against them in this game.
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User Info: Shonuff331

8 years ago#7
Exactly Bremen. Spot on, exactly how I killed all the Thresher Maws.
GamerTag: KenpoJuJitsu3 ---
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User Info: BlkCamaro95

8 years ago#8

ok first off you can do what these guys have said but its going to take longer as you drive around the thresher keeps popping up in different spots. This is my advice for ya.....

When you see the distress beacon go to your map and you will notice something, that the beacon is dead center of a CIRCLE. This my friend is the thresher's nest and this is the only area that he will pop up in. So first you drive through the nest triggering the Thresher to pop up but dont shoot at him just keep driving to the other side till you get to the hills that are always going to be their. The Thresher cant go through the hills for some reason. Once there just find a position that the thresher will remain above ground and your not in its melee-instant death range. When I did this side-quest all of his acid shots were hitting the side of the hill and not me, I didnt have to move or jump to dodge his attacks, I just kept shooting him with the cannon and some machine gun rounds and he was dead. Very easy and simple.

User Info: Metagross18

8 years ago#9
When he goes underground, immediately start moving in one direction until it pops back up. Rarely it will hit you but theres nothing you can do about that. Once he is back above the ground continue with Bremen's suggestion.
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User Info: Shonuff331

8 years ago#10
I must have a knack for finding this sweet spot because every Thresher I killed stayed above ground until it died. All I had to do was move left or right about 3 feet to dodge acid spit between cannon shots.
GamerTag: KenpoJuJitsu3 ---
22 years of gaming and still gaming strong.
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