Prestige Classes + Nemesis or Shock Trooper?

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User Info: Macrofissure

8 years ago#1
Hi. I've got a few questions.

1) If I pick Shock Trooper or Nemesis, do they carry over when I start a new game, or do I get to do the VI Mission again?

2) My style as a Vanguard is to have a bit of cover, and spam Master Level Marksman and Barrier to take down enemies quickly, using biotics as crowd control. Bonus Talent is Singularity [I tried Sniper Rifles which were awesome, but came to preferring this]. In that case, which is better? I've google and searched here and it comes down to a difference but I'm unsure in my case.

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User Info: Babbylonian

8 years ago#2
The reason to take shock trooper is if you're rushing the enemy and concerned about your health/defense. Since it sounds like you're taking a slightly more "cerebral" approach to the class, I'd suggest taking nemesis for the biotic enhancements. You're enjoying singularity, so getting some more duration out of that will probably be welcome. The enhancement to barrier with shock trooper could be nice, but I'd only go that direction if you were finding your defense consistently inadequate.

User Info: XNeomopX

8 years ago#3
If you've acquired Shock Trooper/Nemesis in your first playthrough and start a New game +, then your shock trooper/nemesis status remains with your stats, but you can do the mission again.
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User Info: wuzitduzit

8 years ago#4
yeah i also have a lvl. 60 vanguard/shock trooper and totally wish i had gone with nemesis. i like using barrier and throw with him but don't really get anything out of it since i went shock trooper but only have a handful of points put into pistols. it was my very first playthrough so was sort of winging it. i believe by your fighting style you would be much happier going nemesis
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User Info: Stuflames

8 years ago#5
The Shock Trooper's main advantage is Adrenaline Rush Mastery. Barrier Mastery doesn't work out so well for a Vanguard, as it negates the shield regeneration from Shield Boost (which most Vanguards acquire on the way to medium armor), which is complemented by Adrenaline rush to make a potent shield defense. Barrier also doesn't need Barrier mastery to be active all the time, a Nemesis can easily keep Barrier up constantly.

So for a Vanguard,

Shock Trooper:
+Damage Resistance (though you can't get the full effect without Immunity compounding it, more defense is always nice)
+Adrenaline Rush (you can use your abilities more often)
-Barrier Mastery (messes with shield boost. If you don't pick up shield boost this ability is good)
-No Biotic improvements

+All biotics have increased duration, incapacitating enemies longer, protecting you longer, etc
+Increased Biotic power, for where it applies
+Warp/Lift Mastery
+ Can use Shield boost as well as barrier up to 2x each in rapid succession for a powerful regenerating shield
-Adrenaline Rush won't recharge as fast
-No Damage Resistance, HP boost

Overall I prefer Nemesis for a Vanguard. I find it has both more survival due to the shield situation and that its powers regenerate quickly enough anyway, especially with the duration bonus and lift bonus. Then again, I use two Medical boosts in my armor to reduce recharge times of abilities (including Adrenaline Rush).

Both are good, though.
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User Info: Mitsumanic

8 years ago#6
Nemesis is much much better imo.

Your biotics become godly if you max both them and your class. You can use them frequently, and they have massive areas of affect and just destroy enemies.

Lifting geth collossi and pushing them into lava, walls, off ledges, etc. . . is simply amazing.
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