Best soldier build?

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User Info: whoopdeedoo

8 years ago#1
I'm looking for a powerful soldier with ARs that can take tons of damage. What skills do I max in what order? And commando or shock trooper?
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User Info: psycho_mike2991

8 years ago#2
I don't know about the third one, but if you want your soldier to take a lot of damage, you spend points on fitness until you're able to you unlock immunity. Then you max out Immunity.
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User Info: psycho_mike2991

8 years ago#3
For AR spend on Assault Rifle skill.
I was the turkey! Me!

User Info: Burba8

8 years ago#4

That might help a little.
Haley Joel Osment 8 years ago#5
Shock Trooper is really a waste of time IMO. Once you get Colossus X armour and max out Immunity, nothing will be able to touch you anyway, even on Insanity. I could go toe to toe with a Geth Colossus on Insanity with my Commando and barely take a scratch. Even more defence and health from the Shock Trooper talent would just be overkill IMO, whilst the extra damage output from the Commando talent is very useful on Insanity.
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User Info: Mr_Collins

8 years ago#6
^It does help to make a tedious setting a little less so.

User Info: brad2240

8 years ago#7
Specific order isn't hugely important because you'll have everything you need before too late in the game anyway. But just the same, I'd go:

Assault Rifle
Combat Armor

Shocktrooper is fun to really feel immortal but is defensive overkill for a Soldier. Commando is a better choice for the increased damage.

User Info: Simbacca

8 years ago#8
12 Pistols
00 Shotguns
11 Assault Rifles
12 Sniper Rifles
07 Combat Armor
00 First Aid
12 Assault Training
12 Fitness
12 Singularity
12 Commando
12 Spectre Training

There you go, you can get all the Charm and Intimidate points you want for free with 3 playthroughs. Still if you want to move some points around, then take them out of Spectre Training or your back-up weapon, Pistols. You'll get to use you bonus talent twice because of Adrenline Burst, so Singularity is a good choice. You can have Warp if you like as that was the old Gold Standard, but newer discussions and testing have concluded that immobilizing multiple enemies before they can activate Immunity with Singularity is better than de-buffing an enemy or two with Warp.
- Simbacca

User Info: Slic_MKW

8 years ago#9

Yeah, just max Fitness, AR, Assault Training andCommando. Fitness should be your 1st priority - you can max it as early as level 15.

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