help please, proximity mines in bring down the sky

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User Info: blacwolf15

8 years ago#1
ok, playing the game for the first time. doing the bring down the sky missiong on asteroid 57 and i'm on the last torch but there's proximity mines and no matter what i do i blow up. how do i get passed them so i can finish this damn mission. been stuck for day. fighting turrets and avoiding mines. but then after defeating turrets, can't get passed mines. am i missing something? (obviously i am) any help would be appreciated. thx.

User Info: chipmunx

8 years ago#2
There will be beeping that intensifies and gets faster the closer you are to a proximity mine (I'm assuming you're trying to get past them on foot, as you will die instantly in the MAKO). The direction of the nearest mines will also show up on your HUD. If you carefully circle around and try to stay as close to the middle of the distance between any two mines as possible while running through, you'll make it to the building. Don't try to fight while still out in the mines, you will strafe into one and die.
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User Info: Casyle

8 years ago#3
Yeah, what he said. When you hear the noise and the meter starts filling stop, then take a step to the left or/and right and find which direction causes the meter to go down. Move that way a bit and continue forward and repeat.

Personally, I always enter the mine field from the back, next to the hill. It's a very straightforward route from there to the back of the building.
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User Info: pj44055

8 years ago#4
Also, if I'm not mistaken, there are bigger spaces between mines at different areas. So, if you're having issues with one side, go to the other and look for a bigger opening.
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  3. help please, proximity mines in bring down the sky

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