Best combination for armor mods?

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User Info: XxKrebsxX

6 years ago#1
Playing this game again after having not played it since '08.

The only thing I've never got was which was the best combo for armors.

I don't know whether duel Shield Interface Xs or duel Energized Plating Xs are better. Or perhaps a Energized Plating X and a Shield Interface X.


I just don't know!

For better analysis, I use the X version of the original armors every character come in (I like it over Colossus and Predator L/M/H X).
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User Info: Orion_SR

6 years ago#2
I always liked the dual Medical Exoskeleton X for the improved talent cooldown bonus. In tough battles, the dual med-exo appears to do more for keep my squad mates alive by allowing them to spam immunity and other shielding powers.
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