I just got the Asari Ally achievement with only 39 completed assignments.

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  3. I just got the Asari Ally achievement with only 39 completed assignments.

User Info: ZeroX99

6 years ago#1
No assignments were started until I got Liara on Therum immediately after leaving the Citadel. Then proceeded to complete Feros and Noveria along with their respective assignments. I then completed every Citadel assignment, along with every assignment that requires a visit to the Citadel and the Bring Down the Sky assignments. I then completed Virmire and it's two assignments. Last stop at the Citadel, got the achievement by finishing the last two assignments while in "detention."

Seriously, I thought it was 50 assignments?

Edit: the only other assignments I did were Wrex Armor, ExoGeni Facility, Besieged Base, Lost Module and Rogue VI.

User Info: belisar6

6 years ago#2
I think the achievement is for completing 75% of the game with the companion in your party, and the number of assignments is more of an estimate (or what has worked for other players).
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User Info: ZeroX99

6 years ago#3
Oh well cool...I was going with what the Mass Effect Wiki said...50 assignments. So getting the achievement sooner than 50 was relieving.

User Info: Lord_Of_Chaos94

6 years ago#4
I think it also counts the main missions, so like 10 Missions, and then 40 assignments would make 50

If i remember correctly, each of the main story planets have at least two missions, plus all of their assignments, so that might be it


6 years ago#5
Yeah I got Tali & Wrex before Virmire.
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User Info: DAVIDSKIcom

6 years ago#6
its not 50 assignments... its 50% of assignments. "Complete the majority of the game with the _________ squad member"

By definition, majority is anything over 50%

Its also a common misconception that only the major quests get you the achievement. Unfortunately you have to do a few side quests on top of the main missions. If you JUST do the main ones, you will not get the achievement at the end of the game.

User Info: Glavewurm

6 years ago#7
It's a fixed amount of quests, just some count differently. It's why you can get them so much faster with DLC. Last sentence is true though, you won't get them without sidequests.

User Info: DAVIDSKIcom

6 years ago#8
Glavewurm posted...
It's a fixed amount of quests, just some count differently.--

you just contradicted yourself. If each mission weighs differently, and the tally number can be different, it is %, not a tallied count of missions. Lets not re-invent the wheel here. This stuff has been tested and proven in other forums.
and http://www.xbox360achievements.org/game/mass-effect/guide/

Heres the gist of it, Basic plan of attack for ally achievements:

Complete Eden Prime Go to Citadel, talk to Council Find Harkin (Chora's Den), Garrus (Med Clinic) and Wrex (C-Sec) Take care of Fist (do not pick up his OSD!) Rescue Tali in the Wards Access Talk to Council, become Spectre Head to Therum and rescue Liara From here, you will have all the allies. Pick the two you want to use and use them for EVERYTHING. If you don't have an ally with decryption and need them to unlock a quest by hacking a computer, switch them in to receive the quest, then immediately go back and switch them out.

Now with your two allies:

Complete any possible Citadel assignment Complete any random space assignments (check this list and see which ones can be acquired simply by visiting a system or planet) Complete Bring Down the Sky missions (400MSP off the marketplace) Complete Noveria (do all assignments BEFORE leaving the arrival site) Complete Feros (do allassignments BEFORE leaving the arrival site) Go back to the Citadel and complete any assignments you started on Noveria/Feros Complete Virmire (do not kill Wrex!) Back to the Citadel once more You should have the achievements by now, but if you don't, head to Ilos and finish out the game. Many people got a few of the achievements (mainly Liara) at the very last mission.

YOU DO NOT HAVE TO DO ANY COLLECTION ASSIGNMENTS FOR THESE ACHIEVEMENTS! -- These missions take forever, and they will help, but they are 100% not required to get ANY of the achievements, even Liara.

User Info: Glavewurm

6 years ago#9
you just contradicted yourself.

Sorry. What I meant by that was Missions count more than Assignments (though that might be how they handle quest updates).

Though, a question. What difference does it make? Requiring 50% of quests complete, or a number equal to 50% of the quests completed is the same thing. Unless you add quests, like with DLC. Are you saying DLC makes it take longer to get the achievements? Because it's just the opposite in my experience.

User Info: Moldiver

6 years ago#10
It can be rather weird depending on what you read. I managed to get Taurian and Asari achievements, at the same time, before doing Vermire. I did all of the side quests possible, except for the specific 75% paragon/renegade one, and had Feros and Noveria done. Was quite a surprise since I had been reading I wasn't liable to see Liara's until the end of the game.
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  3. I just got the Asari Ally achievement with only 39 completed assignments.

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