Any differences in the graphics from the PC version to 360/PS3?

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  3. Any differences in the graphics from the PC version to 360/PS3?

User Info: EternalWolf

8 years ago#1
I always buy a id FPS game for the PC for obvious reasons but I dont have the money to upgrade my PC anymore. Since the 360 and PS3 graphics will be the same(360 will proly run better since its more like a PC although the PS3 obviously has the advantage in the graphics department) I was wondering how much better the graphics will be on the PC. I know they will be better for the PC but I am wondering how much better. How much better were the graphics for Quake IV? I only have a PS3 but I am posting here because out of the 3 boards this is the most active.

Have they said anything yet?
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User Info: KillerJuan77

8 years ago#2

Well, there is the usual difference (Aliasing in some games, lower resolution, usual 30 FPS framerate and to be honest, none of those things matter a lot.) but other than that it is the same game. Also, can you post your specs? It's made on the id Tech 4 engine, so it should run very well in most hardware.

User Info: H0RSE

8 years ago#3
I won't say always, since I don't know, but 9/10 the PC game WILL look better, simply because PC hardware is more powerful, and you can tweak the settings. An Xbox Elite costs $399.99. The Graphics card I want costs $549.99. So, it BETTER have better graphics.

User Info: mismajor99

8 years ago#4
Graphics should be better enough on PC like all other id games. The biggest differences between PC and the consoles might be the Mulitplayer. Community mods/maps and larger player caps.As of now, there's no way in telling yet since they haven't shown a thing about it. If the PC community gets behind it, it will certainly be the version to get if you can. If it turns out nicely, i'll probably get the 360 version along with the PC version, but that's just me being an old school id soft fanboy

User Info: SpydogK

8 years ago#5
Don't have the money for a pc right now... so it's 360 for me baby :(...
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  3. Any differences in the graphics from the PC version to 360/PS3?

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