How many puzzles do I have to do to unlock hard?

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  3. How many puzzles do I have to do to unlock hard?

User Info: pno55

9 years ago#1
Easy and Medium are too easy. How do I unlock hard? What the locked option after hard?

User Info: AdmiralViscen

9 years ago#2
I'd like to know too.

And what are the question marks at the bottom of each page?
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User Info: qwertyasdf gf

qwertyasdf gf
9 years ago#3
Yeah I've been playing a ridiculous amount of medium puzzles and I still haven't unlocked hard. I'm losing interest fast because the mediums are just too easy. If anyone figures this out pleeeease tell.

User Info: shmtur

9 years ago#4
Complete 100 puzzles and you'll unlock hard mode. I did it on medium, I'm not sure if easy puzzles count toward this number.

User Info: sjaym0912

9 years ago#5
Those question marks at the bottom are themed puzzles.

User Info: mercnboy3

9 years ago#6
100 puzzles? That is ridiculous. I want hard now!
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User Info: Muka

9 years ago#7
try viagra if u want hard now lol
no it off now k thx

User Info: rotothirteen

9 years ago#8
A hundred puzzles? I don't know if I want to even bother. Normal is way too easy. It's like playing Bingo or something.

User Info: Slinky826

9 years ago#9
if anyone cares, easy does NOT count towards unlocking hard.
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  3. How many puzzles do I have to do to unlock hard?

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