The random class challenge ._.

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User Info: BobofAbyss

8 years ago#41
Summoner, Berserker, Blue Mage, White Mage

User Info: rosenistheman

8 years ago#42
2 Geomancers, samurai and a ninja.

PSN ID: Rosen4
XBOXLive ID: Rosen 4

User Info: Exkalipoor

8 years ago#43
Chemist, Summoner, Dancer, Blackmage

Victory over Neo Exdeath! Trained to level 47. My Summoner cast Golem and Carbunkel, while my Dancer kill him with sworddance. The chemist hasnt much to do though. I dont understand, why he is supossed to be ubar. My summoner could kill whole enemy partys with one summon, could cast reraise with phönix and has with golem and carbuncel a strong defensive. The chemist HAS some nice support like double hp, but he wasnt that good.

With my next party(Samurai, Knight, Geomancer and Berserc) i stand in front of Exdeath castle, level32. The only big problem so far was the four crystals without a fire ring. Gues I collect some reflect rings for Exdeath. At least the lava wont kill me with my geo.

And have started another party(Hunter, Hunter, Thief, Monk).

User Info: silktail

8 years ago#44
I dont understand, why he is supossed to be ubar.

It's probably less noticeable in a (magically?) balanced party, but !Mix is almost like having white, black and time magic all in one (maybe losing the best spells & gaining new ones).

User Info: rosemaryfanclub

8 years ago#45
Got bored trying to play with classes in FFXII so I just decided to play FFV instead.

I got

Red Mage
White Mage

Which seems pretty decent to me and I almost want to reroll but I'm already an hour into the game. This is only my second play through and I won't use any faqs for getting good armor and weapons so I'll let that be my hindrance lol.

User Info: Umihara

8 years ago#46
17 29 57 40
Knight, White Mage, Two Geomancers. :D

Yay Geomancers! My favorite class.
Umihara Kawase~
I'm a fisherman!

User Info: navyaura92

8 years ago#47
wow this actualy sounds like a FUN challenge
(not like a one man black mage playthrough at low level in FFI -.- that upset me)
anyways just rolled me a...

White knight
White Mage

sounds pretty balanced lol :P ill do it when i finish beating the game again (just got past the barrier tower and atmos)

on a side note... for the visualboy advance
can anyone provide me with a save state in the beginning of the game with all jobs?

User Info: MGOzone

8 years ago#48
Ranger Ranger Ninja Theif

Oh **** rapid fire!!!!111!!1!!!
My head exploded.

User Info: ocarinaoftasi

8 years ago#49
2 thieves, a mystic knight and a chemist. Ah ****.
They should make a FF RPG- my little brother >_>
Alts: Falco_93, Tech93.

User Info: Exkalipoor

8 years ago#50
Knight Samurai Berserk Geomancer:
Have lost against Neo Exdeath on level 39. I will train perhaps 6,7 levels and try it again.

Hunter Hunter Thief Monk
Farm Soul Eaters to master the jobs. I dont believe, that in World One and Two something will stop my rapidfire :>

Hunter Redmage Whitemage Timemage
Phew, pure support Magic. I think I will master the Hunter and Redmage in World 1. In my first two challenges I just run through the game, but in my third and fourth I train early.

I love the challenges, because you learn to handle with the single jobs and to make the best of them. You see the weaknesses and strong points more clearly. Btw sry for my worse english.
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