The random class challenge ._.

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User Info: M_e_g_a_6_4

8 years ago#71
Just got done fighting the Seals. They took a couple tries, but some well-timed Firagas and Throws managed to eliminate them well enough.

Other than them, it's been pretty easy. Sadly, there's not much strategy to it considering how offense-oriented my team is. The only real weaknesses are lack of reliable healing and the limited usefulness of my Bard, but the first at least will be remedied once I get Flame Rings. As for the Bard... Well, at least the Bard's useful in random encounters with Alluring Air. She can just cast the Regen song and throw potions in boss battles I guess.

User Info: yaaay

8 years ago#72
So I got the classes Dancer, Bard, Geomancer, and Thief and so far I've been pleasantly surprised at how well things have been going.

Especially gathering the adamantium from the meteorites which I was dreading. Both the bombs and the chimera succumbed to Romeo's ballad and didn't hit me at all. During the Titan fight I just had my bard duck out in between resurrecting Butz and Faris so I was able to win the fight even though Titan's earthquake one hit everyone.

Now I'm at kelb and got requiem and my bard will be able to do a butt-ton of damage once in a while.

But I think I'd have a lot more trouble if I didn't have a thief because with her I ground up 99 hi-potions a couple of times in the fire ship.

I haven't had to grind levels at all so far though~

User Info: SonicRulez

8 years ago#73
These are all great stories and when I'm better at the game, I'll do this myself. I have a question though, will we ever see actual videos of these walkthroughs?
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User Info: Otabo

8 years ago#74

I did videos of mine a little while back, just for fun.

Here ->

Had a samurai, a ninja, a bard and a dancer.
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User Info: Neoceus277

8 years ago#75
Just got Samurai/White Mage/Black Mage/ Berserker
Not too shabby, but I wish Berserker wasn't in there.
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User Info: Neoceus277

8 years ago#76
Randomized for my other 2 files as well.
Dancer/Samurai/Black Mage/Mystic Knight
Why the hell do I always get Samurai?
Just save Santa some stress and put a Warp Pipe on the top of your house.

User Info: yaaay

8 years ago#77
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

User Info: RedlinedII

8 years ago#78
I got
Samurai, White Mage, Mystic Knight and Knight. Pretty lucky to have a WM...
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User Info: yaaay

8 years ago#79
Yes but it's such a dilemma since Krile has the best white mage outfit, but Galuf has the best knight outfit !

User Info: NintendoDudeGuy

8 years ago#80
I'm guessing this means the characters have to be picked in their default order? (i.e. Bartz is first...)

37-Geomancer 17/37/57
55-Beastmaster 15/35/55
25-Samurai 5/25/45
9-White Mage 9/29/49

Geomancer: I kinda like this job as a MP-free magic substitute, so...
Beastmaster: Meh.
Samurai: Nice...
White Mage: Great! Lucky me.
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