The random class challenge ._.

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User Info: rosemaryfanclub

8 years ago#91
eh it doesn't seem that bad. the white mage gives you all the healing you need, bards are surprisingly useful in this challenge, beastmasters are beastmasters i guess, and geomancers can do good sometimes. . .

User Info: Tetels

8 years ago#92
Hm... 20, 9, 44, and 13.

That turns my party into a Knight, White Mage, Ninja, and Blue Mage. Pretty nice for me. Those are classes I normally use, and the fact I can't use a Beastmaster to give my BM some spells won't bother me much, as I never did use that class. Like, ever. I might roll again after this one so I get a party that's a bit more difficult for me, or else it just won't be fair.

User Info: Flame_Paladin

8 years ago#93
I rolled a few times, got these parties...

Berserker - Berserker - Thief - Samurai (Ouch)
Knight - Dragoon - Red Mage - Black Mage (Better)
Geomancer - Thief - Red Mage - Dragoon (Yuck)
Beastmaster - Beastmaster - Bard - Knight (lol)
Bard - Red Mage - Red Mage - Geomancer (I swear the RNG hates me)
Samurai - Summoner - Time Mage - Dragoon (Or not)
Dragoon - Black Mage - Ninja - Blue Mage (XD gambler's luck?)
Red Mage - Red Mage - Blue Mage - Geomancer (What is it with all these Red Mages?)

User Info: RandyPandy

8 years ago#94
Rolled just to see what I would get:

Ninja, Time Mage, Red Mage, Geomancer

Hmm, interesting. I can at least have a nice variety of magic when it comes down to it.
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User Info: jck4332

8 years ago#95
I got:
Blue mage.
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User Info: Lanku

8 years ago#96
Lulz, just did the number generator. Can't believe I got the most basic team ever. 20 41 50 29

Black Mage
White Mage
Never underestimate the power of a carefully calculated ass kicking.

User Info: HWMWD

8 years ago#97
5 1 29 58

White Mage

Not too shabby... might just try it, though I don't think I know this game quite well enough.
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User Info: ZebraBoxers

8 years ago#98
2 Samurai
1 Ninja
1 Red mage

Im going to definitely try it

User Info: Moeman_

8 years ago#99
I used the random class generator and got this.
Bartz: Time Mage > Samurai
Lenna: Monk > Beastmaster
Galuf/Krile: Dragoon > Mystic Knight
Faris: Black Mage > White Mage

I'm actually considering re-rolling just for Krile. I always felt that she was her own character, y'know?

Re-rolled several times because a few times I got jobs already on the list, and the last time before that I got Red Mage > Ranger (Heheh, no). Plus a few times I got Freelancer, and that meant A. Krile could never change classes or B. Krile could change classes right away.

So yes.

Bartz: Time Mage > Samurai
Lenna: Monk > Beastmaster
Galuf: Dragoon > Mystic Knight
Faris: Black Mage > White Mage
Krile: Ranger > Oracle

I s'pose I should mention I'm limiting Krile's abilities to her two job-specific abilites, and that I'm not giving her any of Galuf's.

User Info: Kitoari

8 years ago#100
I got:
Bartz: White Mage/Beastmaster (White Mage: Yay! Beastmaster... not so much.)
Lenna: Geomancer/Time Mage (woo, time mage! Geomancer is meh though, but great early on thanks to !Gaia.)
Galuf/Krile: Magic Knight/Dragoon (I like magic knights, and it works well for both Krile and Galuf.)
Faris: Black Mage/Chemist (Meh.)
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