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User Info: hakanakumono

7 years ago#1

I found a cave to the west of big bridge that seems to hold a lot of gold. There's only one problem: Gil Turtle. The first ... three times I died, but I developed a strategy and was able to take the gil turtle down. It was long, hard, and used up one ether.

And then I took another step and was back attacked by another one. There are more than one!?

So, has anyone ever found the gil in that cave to be worth the trouble? I'm level 40 right before Ex-Death's castle btw.

User Info: Greenshell1

7 years ago#2
You can use the Quicksave glitch/exploit. Every step or two, just quicksave, and continue. The step counter will reset, and you can walk without encountering the Gil Turtle.

User Info: NeotoCity

7 years ago#3
Lol, I beat the final boss at level 40. How can you not kill Gil Turtle >_>

He is easy, use one or two people with Spellblade, give them Knight's two handed for extra damage. You can use Black Mages too, give them a frost rod. Get someone in summoner so they can summon Golem. A time mage is useful as well for buffs. If you can't heal enough, get two white magic users. At your level, just one might be enough.

Before you start, put float on everyone. You'll see why eventually. When you start, put up Golem staight away. This absorbs his physicals and Turtle Shell (it hurts >_>). Then use blizzaga spellblade or just plain blizzaga with a frost rod for more damage. Then just plug away at him with blizzagas and blizzaga spellbaded peeps. Heal when needed, replenish Golem all the time, if nobody needs healing, use haste and other buffs, preferably on your attackers first. Now when he dies, he will cast Earthquake which will probably kill everyone without float on. With float, it just misses.

If you can't be bothered to do that, then use the quicksave trick. Just take 2 steps, quicksave, load the quicksave, 2 steps, quicksave, load etc until you reach the end. If you quicksave, when you reload the encounter chart resets or something, so you can take two steps and then do it again and encounter no monsters :D
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User Info: NeotoCity

7 years ago#4
Also the gil is really useful for getting flame and coral rings, do it a few times and buy 4 of each, you will need them :D

You can chuck the rest with zeinage I guess, but keep some for world 3.
But this is America, apparently we don't need a reason to hate something-Darkkenny01

User Info: hakanakumono

7 years ago#5

I DID beat the gil turtle but fighting it over and over again would be too much. I might try the quicksave trick, but maybe i'll just level up to 55 instead and see if it's easier then.

The most money I made was from selling turtle shells. I went from 100,000 to about 250,000 gil.

User Info: Hozu

7 years ago#6
Just an FYI, if you managed to get Level 3 Flare already you can use it against the Gil Turtle.

User Info: NeotoCity

7 years ago#7

It's easy at level 25, as many times as needed too...
But this is America, apparently we don't need a reason to hate something-Darkkenny01

User Info: Dragon Fogel

Dragon Fogel
7 years ago#8
The quickest way to kill it is to reflect Blizzaga off your team, preferably with Ice Rods equipped. (Of course, you need to hold on to them from World 1, so you probably don't have that many.) You'll do about twice as much damage reflecting off your entire team as you would just casting it on him, so he dies quickly.

An alternate approach: have three characters with Reflect Rings, and give the last character an item that protects against ice. If you reflect off the team, but at least one character doesn't have Reflect, his counter script won't be triggered. Most of the damage he does to you comes from his counterattacks, and this method allows you to bypass them entirely. He won't even use the final Earthquake.
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User Info: Maximoom

7 years ago#9
have a blue mage cast deathclaw.

User Info: VeghEsther

7 years ago#10
Gil turtle is a heavy type monster so doom claw will only miss however you can fight 1 copy inside the bonus dungeon so for the bonus dungeon its possible to have 4x Mimes to fight it.

IE its not worth fighting it via that cave in World 2 at all. Also its kind of undead so 4x Requiem users just NOT via the bard job can easily drain its HP.

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