Butz vs Bartz

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User Info: WhPlague

7 months ago#1
I played this game for the first time in 1998, thanks to the RPGe translation of the SNES version. BUTZ all the way.

User Info: Maetch

7 months ago#2
Butz from the town of Lix...

Yeah, gonna have to side with Bartz on this one.

User Info: Melodia

7 months ago#3
Butz was the original official romanization, actually. RPGe didn't pull it out of their ass or anything.
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User Info: samurai goroh

samurai goroh
7 months ago#4
Butz FTW!
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User Info: Some_Hoar

6 months ago#5
Chaotic Good - Butz
Neutral Good - Bartz
Chaotic Neutral - Butts
True Neutral - Fartz
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User Info: Gogo726

6 months ago#6
When something smells, it's usually the Butz.

User Info: WhPlague

6 months ago#7
It's actually a real name.

One of the main actors in the Bloodline series on Netflix is named, Norbert-Leo Butz


User Info: Calmlander

6 months ago#8
Butz of the Wind Element ;) hell yeah.

User Info: Maetch

6 months ago#9
Calmlander posted...
Butz of the Wind Element

From the town of Lix.

User Info: Manuske

6 months ago#10
I'm okay with either one but I prefer Butz because nostalgia.
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