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User Info: Vaanskylord10

7 years ago#1
Who else has fallen completely in love with her ? Ever since i have played FF6 for the first time i just felt really connected to her. Something about all of the struggles she goes through made me feel for her, i just wanted to jump in the game and give he all the love in the world. Dissidia made it even better, i love listening to her voice, and being able to see her in 3D is pricless. I main her in Dissidia btw.

I litterally have 1227 (Just checked) pics of her on my computer.
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User Info: JonnydingoX

7 years ago#2
Holy crap thats a lot of pics man lol
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User Info: MeepleLardicle

7 years ago#3
And here I thought I had a lot of pics before my Hard Drive crashed, and I was merely nearing the 100 mark or so...

Then again, I do tend to have high standards, I believe, for actually saving pics; I don't save just any arbitrary pic unless I actually like it...still, I don't think I've even SEEN 1000+ pics of Terra in existence, unless all those "Dissidia AU Crack" chapters count <_<
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User Info: TJF588

7 years ago#4
Wait 'til you meet her alter-ego/twin sister/split personality Tina!
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User Info: Vaanskylord10

7 years ago#5
Lots of websites to get pics from, Pixiv, Danbooru, etc they have a motherload. She is definately me Fav FF girl. Any of you guys have a similar experience with a game girl ?
I'm Terra Branford's Boyfriend ~And dont listen too ondores lies !

User Info: MeepleLardicle

7 years ago#6
Well, Deviant Art's "Terra Branford" has only 1147, and a lot of those pics are not necessarily Terra exclusive, some are just random cosplay shots (something I refuse to download, no matter how good the cosplayer is. This isn't an anti-cosplay statement so much as I just don't care much for pics of them), others are black and white versions of colored shots, etc. so yeah, that "1147" is a bit misleading.

Granted, I know you can find more via "Terra Final Fantasy" "Tina Branford" "Tina Final Fantasy" "Terra Dissidia" etc. and such, but just thought I'd put things into perspective.

Actually, you could probably find unique ones under "Terra/Tina Bradford" cause of how often people misspell her last name...some even INSIST that's the right spelling and that it's how it was in Japanese, and that Woolsey screwed it up!!!
...even though you can cleanly see IN BIG ENGLISH LETTERS in FF6j's ending that it says *insert Kana here for "Tina"* as "TINA BRANFORD."
Or alternatively, and probably easier, just noting that Dissidia trailers and gameplay list characters names in English in a variety of spots, and it very clearly says "Branford" there <_<
The site Meeple argues at for too much of his life!

User Info: Sandyboots

7 years ago#7
Wow, I have around 700 pics, and that is between all characters, but I also don't save every pic that I find. (Umaro and Gogo need more love, there is so few art of them).

I main Firion in Dissidia (Double Trouble FTW), but Terra was my first character to reach lvl100, her play style is really easy to get used to, contrary to say... Kefka.

And I like Terra more in 2D, there is something, something about her that bothers me a lot in Dissidia to the point that she annoys me. * runs away from Meeple *

From: MeepleLardicle | #003
I don't think I've even SEEN 1000+ pics of Terra in existence, unless all those "Dissidia AU Crack" chapters count <_<

You have never been on Pixiv, have you? Admittedly half of the pics in there have to do with Dissidia. Oh wait, I was running >_>

User Info: MeepleLardicle

7 years ago#8
Well, I just found out that someone has the same weird tastes and ideas I do.

Namely, in looking at Deviant Art (inspired by this topic...I'll look at other pic sites eventually, just need to not be lazy), I stumbled across a wall paper of Dante (DMC) and Terra...

...yeah, I can't not use this, considering its something I never expected to find, and its of two of my favorite characters in anything ever so <_<

Note that the wall paper was *NOT* a pairing, its just the two of them put in the same shot if that makes sense, mostly cause of the whole "Half breeds who wear red and have massive powers." Granted, personality wise, they're uh...somewhat...different...to say the least...

Still a neat find nonetheless!
The site Meeple argues at for too much of his life!

User Info: Dreamer7542

7 years ago#9
I worry about going to sites like danbooru because of the adult content they have.

Not because I'm a prude, mind you; more because I don't know how others will react.

That being said, like Meeple, I'm extremely picky about what pics I save. I have a modest collection of Rydia pics, a couple of funny ones with Yuffie, Tifa, and Selphie with Chocobos... Heck, I even have a picture of someone's attempt to hack in a Chocobo WEAPON. xD

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User Info: Exkalipoor

7 years ago#10
Dissidia Terra is horrible.

Otherwise one of the best RPG characters probably. Too bad she gets overshaded by Aerith.

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