Monk or Barbarian?... Barbarian or Monk?...

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User Info: Jimdb

5 years ago#1
I have the beta, leveled to 13 all of the chars, several times,

I enjoyed the Barbarian and the Monk the most... I realizae that the Monk not having weapon animations sucks and it's a biggie for some.

I can't decide between the two, I love the barbarian but it seems as if everyone and their dog is going to be playing one, I'd like some "originality"... not that there isn't going to be a thousand and one of each character class, but you know, that feeling...

I really can't decide,

Monk: fast paced combat, teleport and combos with spirit generators. Can't see anything wrong with the DPS output having 3 spirit generator comboing and the passive that boosts damage with each different spirit generator you use. "extra passive" with the mantras. And then two more slots for furious DPS righteousness. seems cool, doesn't it?

Barb: Pure and (ultimately) blind fun, just smash your way through everyone and everything.
I played a barbarian in D2, to the point in which i got it to level 99, filled it's inventory with +1s, and got the best gear, multiple times (I really had a char of each and had them uber equipped, D2 was my drug), and the new barbarian feels really similar to me, of course, more flashy and more active, if you know what I mean. Like .. more furious

He has the shouts, which last less than the mantras, but they boost equally. The leap is just awesome, but he feels slow to me after playing the monk.

I really don't know what to do here, I'm fighting with myself for a class to choose. Plus... armors on barbarians look just incredible, where as in monks, some I like, some I don't some I just loathe.

Monk has the least skills of all... I love the class but can't get off the feeling of incompleteness, to some degree. No wep animations and the least number of skills doesn't make me feel 100% cool while playing it.

I don't feel 100% cool while playing Barb because it seems everyone is going to play one.

Monk lore, I like it better than I like the Barbarian lore. the short stories on the character sites are cool, the monks story is just awesome, it makes the monk feel like a complete BA.

any opinions, if you care to give them, on the matter?

Geez... I am so indecisive
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User Info: MudShadow

5 years ago#2

tl;dr, pick whatever class you like - nobody really cares.

User Info: jedinat

5 years ago#3
Choose the one whose armors you like the best:

If that fails, pick the one with the voice actor you like best.

User Info: Cogito

5 years ago#4
Roll a dice. If you get 6, Barbarian. If 1, Monk.
Otherwise, roll again.
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User Info: sammee

5 years ago#5
theres a reason why most people are rolling a Barbarian

and thats because he looks the best and plays awesome and its a great character

if blizzard have some awesome ninja type characters or other creative type of classes we wouldnt have this issue

most people dont wanna play as a Voodoo Mama Jew Jew witch doctor or some emo-looking Demon Hunter

User Info: TychusFindlee

5 years ago#6
Witch doctor
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User Info: TooHigh2Die

5 years ago#7
Ive Always started a Diablo game with the warrior/barb. In both games they turned out to be the easier class to start the game with but essentially the least fun to play. Don't get me wrong I had numerous barbs in d2 and when built right can take on almost anyone.

Now with All the footage Ive seen of the barb (Sadly dont have d3 beta) he easily looks like the most fun to play. With the new physics engine, bad ass armor, and just amazing looking upper tier skills (plus whirlwind with runes) It was a great decision to keep him as the only returning class. Because they seem to be doing him justice in this game.

Im going barb to prob level 20-30 then starting a new class and as always building all my classes as pure pvp. So I'll be ready when the pvp arenas get patched see you on the 15th...
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User Info: AsucaHayashi

5 years ago#8
what do you mean when you say there are no weapon animations for monk?

as in you can't see monks hit monsters with your equipped weapon?
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User Info: riseagainst976

5 years ago#9
you said the barb felt slow after playing the monk.....

are there going to be "faster run/walk" modifiers in this, like in D2 ??

User Info: GogglesFrog

5 years ago#10
I say do both simultaneously for a little bit. Then eventually one should break away from the other in terms of how much fun you're having.

Also, as a side note, is there a reason mantras don't last indefinitely? I mean, with passives you can get them up to close to 7 minutes right? What's the point of needing to "reapply" them?
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