Dual 1H Barb vs. 2H vs. 1H+Shield.

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User Info: DippinSauce

5 years ago#1
Which do you prefer? Which is best in inferno?

User Info: BigJuicyOrange

5 years ago#2
I like the idea of 2H barb. I like the viability of 1H + Shield

User Info: Aileranea

5 years ago#3
1h dagger with lifeleech and Amethyst for extra lifeleech and Storm Shield :)

But my opinion is basically worthless since I never played Inferno ;)
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User Info: DippinSauce

5 years ago#4
Bump for more opinions

User Info: OgreBattle019

5 years ago#5
BigJuicyOrange posted...
I like the viability of 1H + Shield


it's just, sadly, better overall
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User Info: pengalor

5 years ago#6
I loved playing dual wield 1-handers but once I started hitting mid-Nightmare it just wan't working anymore. 2hander is fun and it's great watching enemies fly across the screen but same survivability problems as dual wield. 1h and shield is alright and much more playable in higher difficulties.

User Info: Ruppe21

5 years ago#7
I'm dual wielding daggers with my barb at the moment and most of the time I get by with frenzy alone.
Currently in act 2 nightmare.

Just got into hell with my monk,at last the game is becoming more challenging.


5 years ago#8
You can't really compare dude. I found a rare 2H axe the other night that has pretty high DPS but more importantly: +231 sta +118 str and the damage buff is just raw damage not elemental. It has 1.5% chance to stun which procs often with frenzy. I've found decent 1H and shields and tried them but I haven't see a difference in the damage I receive vs the large DPS drop with the axe I mentioned. I'm sure you will be swapping between weapons a lot. The barbarian is the most gear dependent class, you will probably try everything throughout your first play through in inferno act 1.
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