Barbarian users: Bash, Cleave or Frenzy?

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User Info: mr3machine

5 years ago#1
Im onl level 34 and in nightmare but I can't figure out which is the best primary ury build attack?

-Bash with stun is great for bosses but otherwise is too slow vs groups

-Cleave is good for groups but feels weak (rupture can be fantastic though)

-Frenzy seems the best when you get going and just speed kill everything b (esp with heal) but you can get very unlucky and it feels slow as hell.

Any input here?

User Info: funkyfritter

5 years ago#2
You already have a good grasp of the strengths and weaknesses of each skill. None of them are flat out better than the others, it depends on the rest of your build.
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User Info: SilentGamer5555

5 years ago#3
Unfortunatly from what I can tell frenzy is the best, I just hate how my barbarian looks like he is having an epileptic seizure when he attacks with it, imo cleave looks the best.
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User Info: Hard_Boiled

5 years ago#4
Frenzy all the way.
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User Info: Claw7DS

5 years ago#5
I really enjoy cleave, because of the multiple hits on multiple targets. I also picked the added damage rune (not sure if you're there yet). I like the others for bosses, but Cleave works well for me either way. :)

User Info: LousStevens

5 years ago#6
I am a barb, and I am higher level than you too (level 35), but I am wondering the same thing as you are.
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User Info: col237

5 years ago#7
Used Cleave exclusively for normal to hell but I switched to Frenzy in Inferno.

User Info: mr3machine

5 years ago#8
Anyone ever try 2 fury build moves? Or do only monks use that?

Bash and cleave could be effective...perhaps. I usually use seismic slam to stu nanyway!

User Info: PurelyDivine

5 years ago#9
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User Info: Kenta_PKMN

5 years ago#10
cleave for trash

frenzy for bosses

bash for leveling from level 1 to 6 lol
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