Best setup to make a monk tank for inferno?

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User Info: mikeyc42087

5 years ago#1
I'm currently working on making my monk into a tank in inferno. Pretty much hit a wall in act 2, and i'm still in the process of obtaining gear. That being said, hows this for a skill set up:!YXU!ZcaaZZ

Of course, I could switch in Resolve or Inner Sanctuary, but lemme know what you think.

Also, what sort of stats should I be looking for in equipment and weapons? Obviously I know you need resist all and arcane resist (in my case since I use one with all and that's my highest resist) as well as armor, vitality and dexterity (for dps, dodge and armor with Seize the Initiative).

But what else? Is life regen worth it? Or any other important stats?

Finally, what's the best weapon set up? I'm assuming a fist/dagger with a shield. Fast attack speed for spirit generation, but what about life steal/life on hit/life after kill?

Any advice is appreciated and I thank you in advance.

User Info: creativeme

5 years ago#2
go with life on hit. then crit damage and chance.

User Info: joechanga

5 years ago#3
I like Mantra of Evasion with Hard Target for the armor better than Mantra of Healing - if you have extra spirit, you can activate Mantra of Evasion again for that additional dodge. Mantra of Healing's damage shield does nothing, and you won't be able to rely on the additional life regen for tanking in Inferno. I find I live a lot longer with Mantra of Evasion because the key is to get hit less and when you do get hit, don't get hit too hard.

If you're solely tanking and not interested in doing damage, you'll want to go Blinding Flash/Searing Light because elites will be the issue, not regular mobs. Mystic Ally/Earth Ally is indispensable as an off-tank because it has a move to grab aggro. If it dies, just recast as it does not cost a lot of spirit. It also gets more tanky as you get more tanky, so with Deadly Reach/Keen Eye and more armor/resist, it will survive longer. All mobs including bosses target it when it uses its grab aggro move, so use that to your advantage.

Resolve helps a lot too, but again depends on your life on hit and regen.

In short,
Mantra of Evasion/Hard Target
Blinding Flash/Searing Light
Mystic Ally/Earth Ally

Life on Hit is good, as is more armor/resist/dex/vit. I actually found my Life on Hit weapon (600 dps +600 LoH, cold damage, 3% life leech) in Act 3 to tank for Inferno Diablo, but Life on Hit weapons that are any good are very expensive. You can also get away with less resist if your armor is really high - mine goes up to 10.7k armor with Keen Eye but I only have 450 resists. I also had approximately 15k DPS with that LoH weapon when I beat Inferno Diablo for the first time with a friend.
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