Wizard Stats to Beat Inferno

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User Info: ekstrj

5 years ago#1
Hi all, I recently posted this in another thread, but figured I'd create a new one that was searchable. It's also a place others can share their success stories. Wizards are relatively easy/cheap to gear up to clear Inferno, but people keep asking what "good" stat numbers are. I am an average player who typically only plays at night after work, so I'm sure a better player could get away with less stats than these.

Here are my stats when I was finally able to solo Act 4 and kill Inferno Diablo:

Without Magic Weapon - 30548.98 Damage (It was around 39k with Magic Weapon).
2.08 Attacks Per Second
5% Crit Hit Chance
50% Crit Hit Damage
Base Max Arcane Power

38032 Health
Without Force Armor - 3123 Armor
14.2% Dodge Chance
352 Physical
322 Cold
361 Fire
322 Lightning
348 Poison
367 Arcane/Holy

+25% Movement Speed from Lacuni Bracers (6%), Tyrael's Might (7%), and 12% Boots.
15% Melee Damage Reduction from a decent String of Ears.
Negligible Life Regen (62 per second)
Negligible Life Leech (90 per hit), but I had a necklace with 490 Life Leech for Reflect Damage packs.
5900 Health Globe Increase

I used Seeker Missile and Arcane Orb (Tap the Source), Poison Hydra, Teleport with Fracture, Force Magic Weapon, and of course Force Armor.
Passives - Glass Cannon, Illusionist, and Temporal Flux

The biggest thing that pushed me over the hump was increasing my health and a bit of armor. Being able to take huge hits and still survive (I'm looking at you Act 4 Oppressors) was key.

I screen-shotted my stats and most of my equipment before selling the majority of it on the RMAH.

I hope this helps.

User Info: ultimateballoon

5 years ago#2
Good post. I'd have thought you'd need more resistances, how many hits can you survive? What afixes give you the most trouble?
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User Info: ekstrj

5 years ago#3
ultimateballoon posted...
Good post. I'd have thought you'd need more resistances, how many hits can you survive? What afixes give you the most trouble?

Typically only one or two, depending on the mob. But since I'm using Illusionist, I can teleport right after that hit and get right back to attacking/kiting from a safe distance. I chugged health pots typically on CD, and did my best to kite things backward and then forward picking up the dropped health globes in the process.

For the Oppressors in Act 4, and especially on the Izual fight, whenever they would charge me at full health, I'd be left with perhaps 5-10% of my health afterward. So I had to plan for it whenever they were in the fight and do my best to keep my health at full. For Izual, I ended up switching out Arcane Orb for Familiar with Ancient Guardian, because once the Oppressors charge you, they will melee hit you once more before you have the ability to teleport out. The familiar in this case will eat that melee hit for you each time so you can get away safely and recover health. You can kill Champion/Unique Packs in A4 without Arcane Orb, but it simply takes longer.

User Info: ekstrj

5 years ago#4
It should also be said that prior to the Izual Fight, Oppressors can be dealt with by preemptively using Teleport and keeping the Mirror Images between you and the Oppressor. It will almost always charge the Mirror Image instead of you. I would focus them down primarily whenever they'd appear to limit the amount of charging I had to deal with. For Izual, however, I wanted to be able to save my teleport for emergency type situations, hence the need to add Familiar into my build. Sorry that I couldn't simply edit my original post, I just don't have the karma yet.

User Info: ekstrj

5 years ago#5
Oh, and per Affixes - The usual ones gave me problems:

Invulnerable Minions - Because I wasn't using Celestial Orb

Reflect Damage - Even with my alternative Amulet I was still slowly draining health. This prolonged those fights significantly and made some packs virtually unkillable

Fast - I need the downtime between attacks to restore my health, whether it's getting to a health globe or running into the health potion CD is up. For mobs with inherent ranged abilities (tongue lashers) or inherent increased speed, this property usually forced me to skip them. I would say I had to skip about 25% of mobs with Fast, but it's not nearly as bad on the majority of mob types.

User Info: EternalFlame66

5 years ago#6
Such is your fate.

User Info: ekstrj

5 years ago#7
... "running *until* the health potion CD is up"

Really wish I could edit my posts. Sorry for not proof-reading better.

User Info: notedeath

5 years ago#8
If you could tell me, with 300+ resist on all the elements, how much dmg reduction does it give you? Mine's only 200+ now, but i'm still in hell though.
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User Info: reclinemusic

5 years ago#9
No blizzard eh? Thanks for this post.
Computer stats!

User Info: havok718

5 years ago#10
Diablo is a free kill for ranged if you know how his teleport works.
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